Hey Prayer Warriors,

Makayla’s CYIA Presentation at Mt. Pleasant Christian School went well with a few teens expressing interest.

The Children’s Director at Avalon Church of Christ is interested in observing a GNC. 

CEF of Tidewater Strategic Plan has been created and awaiting committee approval.

Mundy Proposal for additional chapter funding submitted to state and awaiting board approval.

Teacher at Mt. Pleasant Christian school will reach out to her contacts at other Christian schools to share about CYIA.  Her daughter was a previous CYIAer.

Preparation for the CEF Fundraising Banquet in March.

Northampton County to waive the custodial fees for the GNC.

Week of preparation for CYIA Jump Start and upcoming CYIA Jump Start (Informational Meeting) on March 9…prayers for successful turn-out of teens.

Velma Bolden, GNC Volunteer, has pancreatic cancer and is in hospice.

Gina, GNC Team Leader at Epworth United Methodist Church, who experiences a great deal of pain and low energy requests prayer for her health and assistance in co-leading the GNC.

Here at CEF we consider reaching children for Jesus our calling and are continuously praying that our faith with the power of the Holy Spirit will win as many children as possible for His good pleasure.

Yours in Christ,


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