Because of the strategic nature of this mission, we are calling on every Christian in Virginia to join us. This is a vital effort to raise up a new generation of children and youth who will transform the world for Christ!

What Is Mission 4/14?

It’s an urgent appeal to pastors, Christian leaders and every congregation of believers to consider the strategic importance and potential of the two billion children in the world between the ages of 4 and 14. During this decade or “Window” children develop their moral and spiritual foundation. Virginia has about 1.3 million children in the 4/14 Window right now! Statistics prove that 85 % of Christians today received Christ as Savior before their 15th birthday. These statistics reveal a great spiritual harvest waiting to be reaped! God has called us to transform the world for Christ by raising up a new generation through focusing on the 4/14 Window.

Satan Attacks the 4/14ers

The 4/14ers are the ones who are vulnerable to becoming involved in gangs, drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, cutting, violence and other criminal activity. They are susceptible to a myriad of negative influences and worldly philosophies that lead to their rejection of the true and living God; His Son, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Bible. This is nothing new—it has been happening for years as Satan wages an all-out attack on our children.

  • 80% do not attend Sunday school or church.
  • They are being led to believe that they should “tailor make” their own faith, using a variety of religions and concepts of God.
  • They reject organized religion but are highly spiritual.
  • Fifty percent of America’s children are not living in a traditional home. They are known as the “fatherless generation.”
  • The media is continually challenging and eroding biblical standards.

Most Dangerous Metropolitan Areas in the State

Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News on the list of the most dangerous metropolian areas in the state of Virginia for 2018! How these areas in our state be so high on the list? Who’s causing the violence, the thefts and the robberies? Is it the teenagers? Young adults? If the Church (Body of Christ) had strategically targeted the 4/14 Window, assuredly Virginia would not be on the “most dangerous” list at all! We would be raising godly children who put their trust God and do what is right! Transformation and change would have come to major cities and to the entire state by the power of the Gospel!

Join us in transforming lives by taking the H.O.P.E. of the Gospel to 4/14ers!

H—helping them know Jesus as Savior
O—offering God’s love through mentoring
P—providing spiritual nurture
E—establishing a biblical worldview

“I am convinced that the greatest hope for the local church lies in raising godly children.”   —George Barna, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions

What is our Strategy to Reach the 4/14 Window?

1. Establish an After-School Good News Club® Program in Every Elementary School in Virginia

On June 11, 2001 the Supreme Court ruled that religious groups must have equal access to public school facilities! With that decision, God literally opened the doors to our public schools, giving Christians an unprecedented opportunity to proclaim the Gospel and lead children to Christ in an environment where worldly philosophies prevail. Every Bible-believing church is urged to claim a public elementary school in its neighborhood and establish a Good News Club After-School program during the school year. Five to ten team members are needed for each school, depending on the number of children who attend (There should be one adult for every ten children). Our passion and goal is to establish a club in every school while this door of opportunity remains open. Will you pray about investing 90 minutes a week ministering in an after-school Good News Club program?

2. Recruit Youth to Participate in our State-wide Summer Missions Program 

This summer missions strategy called Christian Youth In Action  is carried out mainly by young people ages 14 through college. They receive two weeks of intensive training and dedicate three to five weeks as summer missionaries conducting 5-Day Clubs. These are Bible-centered, fun-filled clubs held in backyards, community centers, apartment complexes, churches and wherever children can meet. The clubs meet for 1½ hours a day for five consecutive days. Three clubs can be held in different locations each week and there is potential for hundreds of children and families to be reached for Christ!
Are there young people in your church or in your home who have a heart for God and for the children? Challenge them to do summer missions in the 4/14 Window with CEF®in Virginia and take the Gospel to lost children! It will be a life-changing experience! Adults can also teach 5-Day Clubs. Your involvement could also include setting up club locations, hosting a club, driving summer missionaries, supporting financially and praying.

3. Train Hundreds of Christians of All Ages to Evangelize and Disciple Children

We offer practical, quality training for Good News Clubs and children’s ministry in general through specialized workshops, short seminars, children’s ministry conferences and other training events. Teaching Children Effectively 30-hour courses for evangelism and discipleship are extension courses of Children’s Ministries Institute® in Warrenton, MO and are taught locally by certified instructors. Academic credit may be available from various colleges.

Jesus said, “Even so, it is not the will of your Father, who is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.” (Matthew 18:14)