Hey Prayer Warriors,


For the children hearing God’s word in person.

For the 372 registered children in our clubs.

For the 33 professions of faith in the first month of this school year.

Ongoing event reminder:

50 Days of Prayer for Christmas Party Clubs started November 2nd and runs thru December 21th.

Praying for the Christmas Party Clubs.


For all of the teachers and students dealing with the current colds and viruses going around.

For all of the children hearing the Gospel for the first time and the potential impact to their families.

For all of the clubs that have not started yet and all those committed to make it happen.

For the startup of Arrowhead and Occhannock, GNC’s, in January,

Current Prayers:

Pray for more principals to have a heart for GNC’S in their schools.

Pray for the health and wellbeing of  teachers and volunteers during this COVID and flu season..

For the impact GNC’s will have on our public schools.

General Prayers:

For the end to the COVID pandemic.

For all those struggling economically due to high inflation. 

For those dealing with our drug problem and other issues stemming from a large influx of people coming to our country.

Global Prayers:

For our missionaries world-wide.

For our CEF family in the Ukraine.

For the people of Ukraine.

For our military men and woman in the countries surrounding the country of Ukraine and around the world.

For the Nation of Israel as they deal with serious issues in their region.

For other tensions around the world.

General Praises:

For God’s word and the impact it has had worldwide for over two thousand years. And it still does.

For the salvation gift freely given and paid in full.

For God’s word and the promises given.

For the country God has placed us in.

For the worldwide impact of the CEF ministry.

Continued Prayer:

Prayers for a revival throughout our country.

Pray daily for opportunities to witness.

Continued prayers for those still left in Afghanistan.

Prayers for those dealing with our Southern Border.

For our CEF supporters to be faithful in the 2022-2023 school year.  

Ongoing Personal Prayer Requests: 

Ammie Kinsey’s cancer is in remission. Pray that it stays in remission. (UD-9-15-22)

Pray for Truman and Marilyn Close as Truman (Former committee member of Tidewater CEF and VA CEF board member) has Parkinson’s. Truman is still dealing with another issue keeping him from knee surgery (UD 9-4-22).

Homer Isom is requesting prayers for his wife Jean who is seriously ill (Longtime supporters of Tidewater CEF). Homer is Jean’s caregiver. (UD-7-24-22)

Prayer for Pastor Ed Haywood (Former committee member and continued supporter of Tidewater CEF) as he is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

Velma Bolden, Prayer Coordinator for the Lakeview Club, has been sick on and off with flu like symptoms for some time.

District Team Leaders Prayer Requests:

Susan Chapman:

  1. Pray for more volunteers, rebuilding of all teams, favor with the schools, and wisdom on how to move forward next school year.
  2. Pray for wisdom and favor to find churches nearby that could possibly sponsor a club and schools that do not have a GNC near the churches.
  3. Pray for favor with the schools to set up tables at the Open House/Back to School nights to inform parents about the GNC.

Stephanie Foley:

  1. Power of the Holy Spirit to open hearts to Jesus (Zech. 4:6).
  2. Bayside Baptist to sponsor Hermitage Elementary.
  3. More unchurched kids to go to sponsoring churches.
  4. Trinity Church to sponsor Pembroke.
  5. Diamond Springs Baptist to sponsor Bayside Elementary.
  6. Calvary Presbyterian to sponsor Arrowhead Elementary.

Lynn Parker:

  1. Keep Lakeview and Douglas Park E.S. on prayer list for more children to sign-up.
  2. Pray that more churches will understand the Great Commission and get on board with ministering to the young through the GNC.

Susan Chapman:

  1. Please pray that the PTA at Indian Lakes is open to including information about the GNC on their website.
  2. Please pray for the Congregational meeting I have in early December at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and for volunteers’ hearts to be open to volunteer for a GNC team.
  3. Please pray that the principal at Kings Grant Elementary will be receptive to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church having a GNC there in January.
  4. Please pray for favor as I reach out to churches surrounding Salem Elementary about sponsoring a GNC.
  5. Please pray for more volunteers for the Luxford GNC.
  6. Please pray for God’s anointing on all the volunteers as they teach His Word to the children in GNC.
  7. Please pray the children’s eyes will be open to the gospel and their hearts will be touched.

Prayers and Praises from the Team Leaders and Prayer Coordinators:

Lake Taylor – Ellen Brady TL-Terry Freeman PC

This past week, 11-10-22, we had 9 children (2 new ones!) and 8 adults present.

Terry- Praise, my husband’s hand surgery went well. Please pray for increased mobility and healing for him.                                                     The children’s requests:

My request for a friend receiving chemo treatments for cancer is doing a little better, but still has a long way to go.                            Cortae-for my Mom and Dad.

Baby Magnolia- continue to pray for her to stabilize so that she can gain strength and weight to have a kidney transplant.                  Valeria-to know God better.

Pray for healing for a friend facing surgery for thyroid cancer on November 14th.                                                                                            Shiloh-My mom is sick. I want her to feel better.

Pray for my neighbor who is battling kidney issues and prostate cancer.                                                                                                           Kairee-I want to find my dad and my sister.

Jennifer – Praise! Jennifer has been transported to VA for a long neurological rehab. Pray for healing, strength and protection,                    Laylah-I hope my Mom and my Grandma feel better.

as she has an infection that is postponing the placement of a stent to drain fluid from her brain.                                                        Jaicion-I wish God was alive.

Ida-   Praise!! Her niece’s cancer is shrinking! Please pray for pain she is having in her lungs and ribs.

Julie (worker)- Praise, Juli’s fever has broken and she is feeling better.

Point O’ View- Denise Jones TL&PC

On Monday, the 24th we had 8 children and 4 adults present.  All honor, praise, and glory to God.  The principal and parents said how glad they were to have the club back in the building.  We had great participation from the kids during the lesson.  We had a prayer request from a student named Gabriel who asked for prayer for his cousin who might have cancer.

Praying for Gabriel who was out sick that he will be better and back in club this coming Monday.


One parent who has 4 children texted me after she picked them up from club on Monday to say that as they got in the car, they were all telling her about what they had learned in club.

Luxford – Kenneth Edwards TL – Susan Chapman PC

Adults present 10/31-4 present out of five; Children present 10/31-24out of 33 enrolled.


Emoni ~ My baby sister was born really strong.

Madison ~ Thank you God for school. I am glad that God made holidays.

Kendra ~ I am thankful for my daddy! I am thankful for my house.

Heliana ~ Thank you God for a good day of school.

Jacob ~ I’m thankful for my family.

Dean ~ I am thankful for Him making the world.

Haley ~ Thank you Jesus for loving us so much and for what you did on the cross.

Viviann ~ Thank you for a good day in school.

Liam ~ Thank God for sending the Savior, Jesus.

Prayer Requests 

Dean ~ God help me concentrate in school.

Scarlette ~ Pray for my cat.

Jeydem ~ My dad is working in California. I want him to come back safely. Came to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Melissa ~ I’m sad. My turtle died.

Emoni ~ My sister keeps having to go back to the doctor for about a week. I pray for my baby sister to be strong when she is born.

Chloe ~ Praying for dad to be safe.

Lakeview -Lynn Parker TL -Velma Bolden PC


Praise the Lord for  His grace, and strength to enable our team to  make it through another year of GNC.

Praise  the Lord for  the students  that  faithfully attended.

Thank God for our Director, Lynn Parker.

Prayer Request:

Sade   – “Pray that my parents will  feel better and not be sick.”

Pray  for the spiritual growth of our students and God’s protection  over them during the summer.

Bettie. – Pray for our country and God’s care  and protection over all   schools ,students and teachers.

“ The harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest  to send out laborers into His harvest” Matt.9:37 – 38

Pray for children worldwide who need to hear the Good News of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ.

Pray for more laborers to reach lost children and a great harvest of souls among them.

James Green ask prayer for Arthur Green who has throat  cancer. Traveling mercies for James Green’s son as he travels to visit the green family.

Please pray for these ladies who have cancer: Marion, Lenore Cook and Jackie Downs.

Pray for Church member  Gladys who has cancer, pray for  healing of blood clots in her lung ,pray for her husband Daryl.

Pray that our  students would represent Christ well at school in their homes and communities.

Sis Green  – Pray for  Pastor Sweat and his wife(needs kidney transplant) Lynn Parker  – Pray for  healing for Catherine Hughes who  has lupus, husband has Parkinson. Pray for Daryl Meyers  and family as they grieve the passing of wife and loved one, Gladys.

Pray that Calvary Evangelical Baptist Church  would remain “steadfast, unmovable    always abounding in the work of the Lord “ doing these times.

Pray that students will learn to love the Lord “with all of their heart, soul. mind and strength” Luke 10:27

Corporate Landing – Brenda Pence TL – Cheryl Schellenberger PC

We had 6 children present 4 volunteers on Monday the 31th.

Landon – My friends & family.

Lincoln – unspoken request.

Samuil- He just asked Jesus to be his Savior

Jeremiah – I hope my mom gets better. I hope I will still go to this school.

Liam – Pray for sister TJ.

Liam & Marcial -Mom & Dad

Syeir – Friends & Family, Dad & Mom.

Please pray that the Lord will bring to our Club the children that He wants there.

Prayers for volunteers who know sign language, to help interpret at CLES GNC.

PC-Anne Doman

Prayers for Timothy Williams. He is the parent of a Pre-K and third grader and will be deployed until May. Please pray for his safety and for his wife, Breanna, and their children.

Providence Elementary- Debbi Thomas TL – Sallie Mannix PC:

30 children and 6 volunteers were at club this week

The Children

For Kaden not to be mean to her classmates.

Ryan is sick.

Madison-pray for mom to get job.

Jordan- dog has hurt leg. Pray he will stop chewing on it so it will heal.

Nikolai- pray that the authorities find the person who fatally shot his brother.

Leilani-Dear God thank you for today. I learned so much. Amen

Laurent- wants a little brother or sister.

Harold- would like an electric scooter.

Allison-God bless her guinea pig Betsy 

Jordan-help me do my homework and protect us from danger. Safe travel for his dad to Texas.

Mika- mom gets better from her operation.

Solomonpray Dad does not get Coronavirus.

______– pray that teachers will not get stressed out.

Paytonpray for her dance in the parade.

Mia- pray for her busy schedule.

Claire-pray for her Dad at work. Penny gets cast off soon.

Ivy-pray for her Mom at work.

SamanthaThank you so much for me being able to be with my family and being able to wake-up today and eat today. AMEN

AlexandriaDear God, please make my family and I safe while we are away. Love you and Jesus. 🤍Ali🤍

Olivia- I hope my cat Timmy comes back home. In Jesus name I pray Amen

ClaytonMy pet rat has a growth that could get a disease.

Our Leaders

Pray that all the children on our roll will come each week. That they will be attentive and excited to hear the Gospel.

Praise- for a great first club.

Pray for good health for all of our leaders.

Fairfield Elementary – Ginny Bellamy TL&PC:

At Fairfield Elementary we had 22 children on Wednesday at GNC. It was a bit hectic being our first session but 6 children prayed and believed Jesus, who had not done so before.

Creeds Elementary -Brenda Mc Laughlin TL&PC

Thank you so much for your prayers. If you heard singing and shouting today, it was the Good News of Jesus being proclaimed through teaching, singing and praying at Creeds Elementary. Two children held a Bible in their hands for the first time. They know how to find John 3:16 and other verses. Praise be to God. Please keep our club in prayer. A mom picked up a registration form for a neighbor, so we will have a new child next week.

Woodstock Elementary – Louis Miller TL – Janet Grills PC

Praise: The children are enthusiastic and are beginning to learn the songs and remember the Bible stories!

Club time is running much more smoothly.

Prayer Requests:


We can work within our space to give each child some individual attention.                                                      Pray for the Woodstock administrator we work with, Beth, is having wrist surgery on Tuesday.

Continued connection with the individual children.                                                                                             Pray for one of our leaders, Kathy, who is suffering from vertigo-please pray for complete healing.

We will have patience and grace with on-going challenges                                                                               Pray that we will have creative ideas for games and activities.

Children hearts will be drawn to Jesus.                                                                                                              Pray that the children will be attentive during the Bible story.

Energy and creativity to engage the children’s attention.                                                                                   Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw their hearts to saving faith in Jesus.

Club will be fun.                                                                                                                                                  Pray for good health for the children and their families (we’ve had some out sick).

Some of the children and their families will begin to attend church.


Ivory – Pop-pop is in the hospital – comfort and healing. Her brother will get better grades in school.                Pray specifically for:

Messiah – a family situation he doesn’t want other people talking about.                                                            Hannah’s family

Clark- healing for his hand (he hit a brick wall).                                                                                                   Aubrie’s      “

Myla-her teacher’s mother is in the hospital                                                                                                        Hevenly’s    “

Terryn – a relative will be released from prison                                                                                                    Layla’s Mom

Victoria – her Mom and her friend will get well                                                                                                     Maxwell – restored health

Shay – unspoken request                                                                                                                                    Grand – comfort for her friend whose dog is dying.

Caleb – his grandmother has asthma.

Jayden – protection in a family situation

Grand-her Aunt will feel better (cancer)

Layla-her brother will find the right college.

Lulia-her cousin Hannah will do well in college.

2nd grade small group

–    all to have listening ears and hearts open to Jesus

Ryan – family and friends

Kennedy – her baby cousin

Maxzly – family

Ethan – family, Mom & Dad

Suburban Park- Barbara Patton TL- Linda Harrell PC

The following are prayer requests for the Suburban Park GNC on 11/10/22

Monae –  I pray that everyone have a good day and enjoys God. PRAYED TO RECIEVE CHRIST.

Grayson –  Thank you God for the wonderful day. Hopefully we learn all about God by the end of the year in Jesus’s name.

Gloria –  God please take care of my family

Nevaeh – I want to pray about God and my family, sister, and my aunty. PRAYED TO RECIEVE CHRIST.

Kassidy –  I love God. PRAYED TO RECIEVE CHRIST.

Conor  – I hope the speaker (Intercom) doesn’t go off too much.

Yael – eat hot chip for 7 years.


Miss Linda (Leader) – Pray for Gloria (clubber) who said she was sad during counseling.

Crestwood Intermediate- Cathy Pearson TL & PC

Over at Crestwood Intermediate things are going well. We currently have 55 registered (with 38 being our highest attendance) and except for some wiggly 3rd grade boys everyone has been very well behaved. We are so blessed to hear them signing John 3:16/17 that one of our guys plays on the guitar! They sing so loudly and sweetly. We are in a new room, with a new principal and so far that has gone well. Praise the Lord!

Prayer requests is the principal wants me to have a waiting list (after 50) to maintain good control but is basically leaving it to my discretion. I want safety… and yet everyone who wants to to hear the gospel. Pray as I reach out to a handful who have registered but never attended. Also prayer for continued opportunities to be a witness to the students, teachers and staff at the school. Thank you!

“Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

“God will not fail thee, nor forsake thee, until thou hast finished all the work for the service of the house of the Lord.”1 Chronicles 28:20)

No matter what the world may throw at us, what a comfort it is knowing that the Lord is with us and will not forsake us.

Yours in Christ,










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