Hey Prayer warriors,

Easter Sunday:

He is risen!! What a day of celebration! Praise the Lord that our God is alive and real!

Praise the Lord for salvation.

“…because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raise Him from the dead, you will be saved.”(Romans 10:9)


For all of the children hearing the Gospel this coming week at our GNC’s.

For the safety of our children in schools.

Global Prayers:

For our CEF family in the Ukraine.

For the people of Ukraine.

For our military men and woman in the countries surrounding the country of Ukraine.

For US citizens still in the Ukraine.

For the decisions our country has to make concerning the situation in Ukraine.

For the Russian country to back away from this attack on Ukraine.

Current Prayers:

Tracy and her busy schedule in the next few months.

For this new COVID variant to be mild and minor in impact.

Corporate Landing still needs four more children to start their GNC.


For God’s word and the promises given.

For the virtual clubs we have had so far this year.

For the prayer warriors in the Tidewater Chapter.

For the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Club Updates:

No Updates. All GNC’s off this past week.

Prayers for a smooth startup next week with no technical issues and that the children will be receptive to God’s word.

Continued Prayer:

For more students to register.

For the potential of an ASGNC on Eastern Shore.

Prayers for a revival and help with the issues in our nation.

Pray daily for opportunities to witness.

Continued prayers for those still left in Afghanistan.

Prayers for those dealing with our Southern Border.

Truman Close had knee surgery on April 11th.

Ongoing Personal Prayer Requests:

Ammie Kinsey-Team Leader   Doing well, continued prayer for healing while battling cancer. 

Pray for the son-in-law of one of the volunteers who was waiting (Still waiting as of 2-27-22) on a visa to China. He and his wife received their visas but not their children. They are all here in the states seeking clear direction from God.

Pray for Alyssa (Robin Berns daughter ), a doctor in New York helping COVID-19 patients.

Prayer for Stephen Tyndall’s recovery from surgery and complete healing.

Pray for Truman and Marilyn Close as Truman (On our Tidewater CEF committee) has Parkinson’s.

Pray for Kevin Moores (CEF Peninsula Chapter) as his brother and sister are dealing with their father’s health issues and he is unable to help.

Homer Isom is requesting prayers for his wife Jean who is seriously ill (Long time supporters of Tidewater CEF)

Pray for my brother’s wife, Debbie Gerlach, has cancer . (4-3-22) She is at home and continuing chemo.


Tidewater CEF Committee:

Someone to take over the treasurer position.

New committee members.

Increased giving.

District Team Leaders Prayer Requests:

Susan Chapman:

  1. Pray for new sponsors to support new clubs.
  2. Pray for schools to allow clubs to return so that we can have face to face clubs.
  3. Pray for more volunteers to help in the GNC for Indian Lakes and Luxford Elementary.
  4. Pray God gives us wisdom on how to reach more children to attend clubs.
  5. Pray God gives me wisdom on how to encourage those teaching virtual GNC when they become frustrated or discouraged.

Stephanie Foley:

  1. Power of the Holy Spirit (Zech. 4:6).
  2. Bayside Baptist to sponsor Hermitage Elementary.
  3. Discover Church to sponsor Hickory Elementary and help Hickory Community Church sponsor Moyock Elementary.
  4. More unchurched kids to go to sponsoring churches.
  5. Favor for Christian School Chapels for CYIA recruitment.
  6. London Bridge Baptist to sponsor ASGNC.
  7. Please pray as I am seeking to connect Union Mission Women’s shelter to our virtual GNC in April.

Lynn Parker:

  1. That the volunteers will stay motivated to minister to children on line.
  2. That all will remain healthy.
  3. Keep their families and loved ones in prayer.

Barb Patton:

  1. Pray for the churches and schools that are targeted for expansion (new clubs): Sherwood Forest, Crossroads, Willard Model, Little Creek and Ocean Air Elementary Schools .

Updated List of Clubs

Centerville (only club in person)  TL:  Denise Jones PC: Denise Jones

Douglass Park (virtual club: TL: Thomas Reese PC: Diane Bowser

Lakeview (virtual club): TL Lynn Parker, PC Velma Bolden

Shelton Park (virtual club)-combined with Thoroughgood, Pembroke and Norview  TL: Anne Doman, PC-Anne Doman

Indian Lakes (virtual club)-combined with Point O’View : TL- Bethany Crowley Boyle, PC- Bethany Crowley Boyle

Granby and Suburban Park (virtual club): TL-Barb Patton, PC-John Harrell

Luxford (virtual club): TL-Kenneth Edwards, PC- Susan Chapman

Greenbrier Intermediate: TL-Ellen Brady, PC- Terry Freeman

Corporate Landing: TL-Brenda Pence  – Needs more children to start.

Prayers and Praises from the Prayer Coordinators of each ASGNC or school combination

Greenbrier Intermediate VC/TL-Ellen Brady ,PC-Terry Freeman

Class did meet this past week, April 6Four adults and one child in attendance,

Continue to pray for the volunteer experiencing double vision that God would completely heal her eyes.

Ellen – Please continue to pray for her friend, Colleen, who has a tumor on her lung, that appointments can be made promptly and treatment can begin.

Chuck’s brother, Michael, had an encouraging visit with the kidney specialist who is doing some lab work to develop a treatment plan for him.

Ida-      Pray for her niece, Andrea, who has lung cancer and recently lost her mother and for the families who have recently lost loved ones.

Pray for her brother-in-law, Bill, that he will come to know the Lord.

Julian – Pray that he does well on his tests, safe travel for his cousins coming to visit for Spring Break.

Terry – Pray for people who are still struggling with physical and other issues.

Pray for our world situation.

Pray for my friend’s brother in Mississippi. He had his liver procedure done; please pray for good results.

Pray for my friend with heart issues, she will be having a procedure done on May 11th.

Pray for my friend with the neck and shoulder issue. She will be seeing an orthopedic doctor on Tuesday to develop a treatment plan. Her husband’s hand surgery was canceled because the cyst they planned to remove was gone!.

Pray for healing for Janet and her family as she battles stage 4 inoperable cancer.

Pray for a friend who is having knee replacement surgery on April 19th and for a friend who lost her husband of almost 68 years last week.

Praise – Aaron’s cataract surgery went well.

Granby and Suburban Park VC/TL-Barb Patton, PC- John Harrell

Class met on 4-7-22.


Harmony -Mom’s co-worker’s daughter was hit by a car.

Stefan – Mom got scratched by a cat. Hope mom is safe – Don’t want to move, but we have too.

Emma Rose- Pray for safe travel home from Ohio for her and her father.

Her grandfather in Ohio fell and broke his arm and busted his lip.

Her brother’s friend Ed has cancer on his neck and might die if he doesn’t get help.

Beth – Her husband has lung cancer that was caught early. He is getting chemo therapy; treatments five times a week for five weeks. Her granddaughter had tubes put in her ears on 3-11-22 (Pray they do the job).

Suzie – Pray for a job for her daughter Amelia and for clear direction as to where she should live. God’s direction. Suzie’s blood pressure is high.

Linda –Praise that her son-in-law Barney got a job but is sick with back pain and vomiting. Pray for wisdom for the doctors who are treating her husband.

Barb – Pray for Malachi and Zuri Martin (Past clubbers). Their grandmother and mother need our prayers. They are in a difficult place.

Ted needs wisdom about moving to W. VA and moving in with his sister.

Pray for her niece, Rylie, (Who was adopted from Ukraine some years ago) and Barb’s brother and sister in law, as they are dealing with and processing what is going on in Ukraine.

Pray for a meeting she is having with a pastor on 3-14-22. Her son Mark is traveling.

Azaria – Pray my brother Elijah will come on Zoom.

Prayers –  For Ted, past worker in club, as he makes some major life transitions, and for wisdom for his medical decisions.

For Darlene, past worker in club. As she recovers from hospitalization last week. Wisdom for her and her parents. She has fallen multiple times due to medication. Pray for a correction to her medication.

Point of View VC/ TL&PC Denise Jones

For the week of March 28-April 1, we had 2 adults and 1 child in attendance at our meeting.

Thankful for the faithful attendance of these students.

Praying the Lord will provide us more kids in our club.

Luxford VC / TL Kenny Edwards,PC Susan Chapman

Pray for Kenny Edwards wife Hattie, she broke her leg in four places and had surgery to repair; please pray for healing.

Pray for Jeremiah’s grandmother. She has been in the hospital. After dialysis, she had a bad seizure. She came home today. Pray for continued healing.

Pray for the registration forms that were dropped off at Indian Lakes ES. Pray for a good response that children will want to attend the virtual GNC.

Pray for Jacob and Kendra’s dad, he is deployed for 7 months.

Pray for Milani that her cheerleading tryout goes well.

Pray for Justin’s brother, Nate, who has an ear infection.

Pray protection for the children and their families over spring break.

Corporate Landing/PC-Cheryl Schellenberger

Pray for four more students to sign up in order to begin the in-person GNC.

Lakeview Elementary/PC-Velma Bolden

Akira – Pray for  family as they travel to New York  during Spring break.

Sade –  Pray for her Dad  to feel better.

Pray for  student’s  safety  and well – being doing spring break.

Pray that students will spend time  with the Lord in prayer  and  reading God’s Word  doing spring break .

Pray for spiritual growth of students in our GNC.

Team Members  Prayer Request:

Pray for faithful attendance of  club members Pray for Bettie Irvin who has  health issues.

James Green ask prayer for Arthur Green who has throat  cancer.

Sam Powell ask prayer for his brother in law who has pneumonia.

Lynn Parker ask prayer for niece  whose husband  died, also pray for traveling mercies as Lynn and James Parker travel to attend  the homegoing service.

Pray for Church member  Gladys who has cancer, pray for  healing of blood clots in her lung ,pray for her husband Daryl Pray for Pastor Allen R. McFarland  and family in the passing of his mother.

Pray  for Lenore Clark who has cancer.

 “Now after the Sabbath, toward the dawn of the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb. And behold, there was a great earthquake, for an angel of the Lord descended form heaven and came and rolled back the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lighting, and his clothing white as snow. And for fear of him the guards trembled and became like dead men. But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not hear for He has risen, as He said, come and see the place where He lay.” (Matthew 28:1-6)

Without the resurrection, what do we have?

Yours in Christ,










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