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For all those who have lost loved ones in Afghanistan. Continued prayers for the withdrawal to be complete.


From Terry Freeman:

Praise – My sister in law’s son is doing much better and has returned to work.

Prayer – My sister in law passed away peacefully early this morning (Saturday) and is now residing in Heaven.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers and please continue to pray for her family.

Prayer – I became aware of a young family with a 3 month old who are in great need of prayer. I don’t know them or the details of the situation, but know that God loves them and that prayer is powerful.

 From Rita Beale concerning Stephen Tyndall:

The tumor has not grown, which is a huge praise considering that it’s an aggressive cancer that grows quickly and kills 50% of the people who get it within 6 months.  Stephen was diagnosed over 7 months ago.  He still has several months of chemotherapy, but says he feels fine.  He got a second opinion from Duke, which said it totally agreed with the treatment he has been receiving in Richmond.  The Tyndall and Mays families are very grateful for everyone’s prayer support and are believing that the cancer won’t just stop growing but begin to shrink to nothing.

 Prayers for the fall:

ASGNC kickoff on September 11th.

Quick Start on September 25th.

Now that the 5-Day Clubs are complete, let us focus our prayers on the start of the new school year:

Pray that the after school programs will commence, allowing ASGNC’s to start in person.

Pray that the following elementary schools that are being targeted by our district teams leaders will have school permission to start, church sponsors and volunteers:

Kempsville Meadows, Windsor Woods, Windsor Oaks, Ocean Air, Suburban Park, Sherwood Forest, Crossroads, Cooke, Hickory,

Thalia, Kiptopeake, Occohannock, Northern Shores and Booker T. Washington.  

Our ASGNC kickoff will be on September 11th at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church.

Continued Prayer:

Pray for a pilot program JYC (Jesus and You connection) that will start after the summer.


Pray for a revival throughout our nation.


Pray daily for opportunities to witness.


 Ongoing Personal Prayer Requests:

Ammie Kinsey-Team Leader   Doing well, continued prayer for healing while battling cancer. 

Pray for the son-in-law of one of the volunteers who was waiting (Still waiting as of 5-12-21) on a visa to China. He and his wife received their visas but not their children. They are all here in the states seeking clear direction from God.

Pray for Alyssa (Robin Berns daughter ), a doctor in New York helping COVID-19 patients.

James Green, released by the doctor (Pray for a complete recovery, 8-11-21).

Pray for Stephen Tyndall’s full recovery from brain surgery and for the success of his radiation treatments.

Tracy’s gums to heal and gum graft to be successful (One year for healing).

Al Grills as he continues chemo and radiation therapy.

Pray for Truman and Marilyn Close as Truman (On our Tidewater CEF committee) has Parkinson’s.

Pray for Linda C. Jones who is dealing with ALS. She is a friend of CEF ministry and is a board member of Union Mission.



Tidewater CEF Committee:

A part time helper with flexible hours to assist Tracy Williams.

Prayer for Tracy as she is preparing for the fall ASGNC’s.

Someone to take over the treasurer position.

New committee members.

District Team Leaders Prayer Requests:

Susan Chapman:

  1. Pray  for new sponsors to support new clubs.
  2. Pray for new schools to be open to having Good News Clubs in their schools this upcoming school year.
  3. Prayers for keeping the children and their families safe over the summer.
  4. Pray for more volunteers to help in the GNC.
  5. Pray for the school administrations and school boards as they make decisions concerning the upcoming school year.

Stephanie Foley:

  1. Power of the Holy Spirit (Zech. 4:6).
  2. Three more volunteers from Discover church for Hickory.
  3. Principal of Cooke Elementary to say yes to ASGNC.
  4. More unchurched kids to go to sponsoring churches.
  5. Trinity church oceanfront to sponsor Cooke Elementary.
  6. Pray for three to five new volunteers for Hermitage Elementary.

Lynn Parker:

  1. Pray that parents of elementary age students will register children for 2021-2022 school year.
  2. Pray that all volunteers will return; schools will open safely; and all volunteers have been vaccinated.
  3. POC for EEBC is no longer at church. Pray for another POC who is excited about starting a GNC.
  4. Pray that Metropolitan Baptist Church will sponsor an ASGNC in the local area.

Barb Patton:

  1. Pray for safety in travels throughout the month.
  2. Prayers that the new principal at Suburban Park Elementary School will be receptive to an onsite GNC in the fall.
  3. Pray for the churches and schools that are targeted for expansion (new clubs): Ocean Air Elementary, Sherwood Forest and Crossroads Elementary Schools

To the Zoom Club prayer warriors: I request input on what you would like to leave or add (Prayers and Praises) to this weekly report for your respective club during the summer months and any updates you are able to obtain

Prayer Requests during the summer months:

In this grouping I have listed the Prayer warriors for this past year ZGNC’s and some of the prayers and praises from the last listing. Please review and make any changes, additions and anything that I may have left out. 

Terry Freeman:

Praise and Prayer! The husband of a volunteer with the rapid heartbeat has returned to work, but cut back his hours, and is doing well with his medication. The prayer is that he will not have to remain on the meds long.

Praise! The neighbor who had cancer surgery-the doctors were able to remove all of the cancer and no further treatment will be needed!

Praise: So thankful for a loving God who cares about every aspect of our lives!

Ongoing requests:

Continue to pray for the family of a volunteer who are still in the States awaiting visas for the children so that they can return to China.

Pray for all of the clubs as they prepare for the fall-what form they will take and getting the word out to the students.

Velma Bolden:

Pray for the Lord to send forth more laborers to “Go and make disciples of all nations.

Pray for unsaved family members and those with serious health issues.

Pray for the spiritual growth of students over the summer months.

Joy Williams:

Pray for a good summer without the virus.

Pray for new opportunities for the new school year, either continued zoom meetings or in person clubs at the schools.

Thank God for a wonderful year.

Thankful for the ability to have a zoom club this year and to be able to present the gospel to the children and seeing their faces each week.

Don Rattz:

Ky-Mani Walker is considering participating in JYOU. Pray that God will open doors for JYOU.

Dawn Gathner:

Pray for children to call on the name of the Lord and be saved.

Pray for those believers to hunger and thirst to know Him more.

Johnny Harrell:

Thank you God for each day.

Pray for people with disabilities and illness.

Pray for parents having to juggle working from home.

Cheryl Schellenberger:

Pray for children who are being bullied and for their parents who are dealing with this issue.

Pray that Corporate Landing Elementary School will permit GNC to continue in  the fall.

Pray for an urgent need for new volunteers and especially volunteers who can interpret for our deaf children.

Vicki Chitty:

Prayer for other countries like Brazil and India struggling with COVID-19.

Prayers that we get back into schools this fall.

Praise for the children that accepted Jesus into their lives this year.

Susan Chapman:

All the prayers that the children lifted up during this past year.

Diane Bowser:

Pray for all of the children’s concerns about their families.

Denise Jones:

Pray that we would see a large return of children from this past year into the fall GNC’s and that they would invite their friends.

Don Thompson:

Pray for families dealing with COVID-19.

 General Prayers and Praises:

Pray that the Delta Covid Variant will not deter in person ASGNC’s.

Pray that the delta variant virus will pass quickly.

Pray for the reopening of our schools (In the fall).

Pray that the school administrators would be willing to allow us in their schools or at least help advertise GNC’s

Pray for those dealing with the lingering side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Pray for safety for everyone during these summer months as we slowly get back to some normalcy.

General Praises:

Praise that one of the vaccines has a final FDA approval.

That the current cycle of Covid-19 cases appears to be slowing at this time. 

That the emergency declaration in Virginia because of COVID-19 has been lifted.

Churches being able to open up in Virginia.

Our economies improving.

“In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.” (Ephesians 1:13-14)

 When we are sealed by the Holy Spirit, we are protected, preserved and guaranteed to share in God’s eternal kingdom. Let us look forward to the day we stand before the Lord for all eternity.

Yours in Christ,













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