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 MEMORIAL DAY: A time to reflect on those who gave so much to protect us and those who gave so much to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ 


As our ASGNC’s are winding down, let us concentrate on CYIA (Christian Youth in Action), our 5-day clubs and the start of the clubs in the fall (Zoom or in person).

 Prayer updates:

There is one ASGNC’s that has one meeting left: Greenbrier Intermediate- June 2nd.

 Continued Prayer:

Pray for a pilot program JYC (Jesus and You connection) that will start after the summer.

 Ongoing Personal Prayer Requests:

Ammie Kinsey-Team Leader    Prayer for healing while battling cancer. 

Pray for the son-in-law of one of the volunteers who was waiting (Still waiting as of 5-12-21) on a visa to China. He and his wife received their visas but not their children. They are all here in the states seeking clear direction from God.

Pray for Alyssa (Robin Berns daughter ), a doctor in New York helping COVID-19 patients.

James Green, pray for complete recovery from surgery.

Pray for Stephen Tyndall’s full recovery from brain surgery and for the success of his radiation treatments.

Pray for Suzi’s recovery from cataract surgery.

Tracy’s gums to heal and gum graft to be successful (One year for healing).

Al Grills as he continues chemo and radiation therapy.



Tidewater CEF Committee:

A part time helper for Tracy Williams.

Prayer for Tracy as she prepares for CYIA this summer.

Someone to take over the treasurer position.

New committee members.

District Team Leaders Prayer Requests:

Susan Chapman:

  1. God’s wisdom in reaching out to the clubbers and their families during the summer.
  2. Unchurched children from the club will attend the sponsoring church, Calvary.
  3. Prayers for keeping the children and their families safe over the summer.
  4. God’s awakening for all.

Stephanie Foley:

  1. Power of the Holy Spirit (Zech. 4:6).
  2. Three more volunteers from Discover church for Hickory.
  3. Principal of Cooke Elementary to say yes to ASGNC.
  4. More unchurched kids to go to sponsoring churches.
  5. Trinity church oceanfront to sponsor Cooke Elementary.
  6. Pray for three to five new volunteers for Hermitage Elementary.
  7. Pray for the Foley family as they deal will a water leak and mold.

Lynn Parker:

  1. Pray that parents of elementary age students will register children for 2021-2022 school year.
  2. Pray that we will be able to enter schools this fall in order to preserve club participation.

Barb Patton:

  1. Wisdom as I continue to try to connect with new team volunteer who hasn’t responded to my attempts to connect with her.
  2. Pray that I stay connected with the leaders that are not currently involved in virtual GNC. Would LOVE them to rejoin us in the fall.
  3. Pray for a team leader for Granby Elementary once we return to on site.
  4. Praise that the transition back to the classroom has been smooth, and that clubbers are attending on Wed., their “asynchronis” learning day.
  5. Please continue to pray for Johnny H. and his health issues.
  6. Praise God for the strong relationships and encouragement happening among team leaders.

Team Leaders, Prayer Coordinators, Volunteers and Children Prayer Requests:

  1. Greenbriar ASGNC prayer requests:

Pray for all of the clubs as they prepare for the fall-what form they will take; getting the word out to the students.

Pray for a neighbor of a volunteer who has been diagnosed with cancer and that it has not spread elsewhere.

AJ – Pray for his family.

Brianna – Pray for her mom; SOL’s begin in school this week.

Caelan – Pray for her best friend who has not been coming to school.

Gabby – Pray for the children who want to get back to school.

Ellen – Pray that we will all trust God; and that those who have not been able to attend lately will be able to attend in the upcoming weeks.

Ida-continue to pray for her husband who is still having side effects from the vaccine he received three months ago.

Elaine – Pray for her neighbor who is awaiting test results.

Terry- Pray for a friend who is having a very hard time dealing with the death of his wife.

Continue to pray for a student who is dealing with anxiety issues at school.

Pray for a neighbor who had surgery on his foot and leg that it will heal properly and that there is no infection.

Pray for her 1 year old granddaughter who fell and had some serious injuries to her mouth. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and her family in knowing how to proceed with her care.

  1. Lakeview Elementary:

Jayden & Akira- pray for their Mom & Dad.

Akira – Pray for my uncle Cameron.

Sybil- Pray for her Mother and Father

Zaydan – Pray for his friends and family.

Keyasia- Pray for Mom.


Gwen Green- Pray for the Lord to send forth more laborers to “Go and make disciples of all nations”

Pray for the Lord to place a hedge of protection (spiritual and physical) Over our GNC students,

Lynn- Pray for niece’s husband, Van who has cancer.

Pray for continued healing for Bro. James Green (Volunteer), and physical strength and grace for his wife.

Bettie-Pray that Bettie will feel better.

Velma-Pray that our students will learn to love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

Pray for unsaved family members and those with serious health issues.

Pray for God to watch over and protect students.

Pray for the spiritual growth of students.

Pray for God’s spirit to guide us, teach us during our time of preparation and presentation as we share with the students.

  1. Norfolk Highlands:


Lydia- Ask Jesus into her heart.  

Joel – Keep the virus away.

Katouri- Pray for this mean old virus to go away.

All the kids – Pray for a good summer without the virus.


Praying for a good end to the school year.

Praying for new opportunities for the new school year, either continued zoom meetings or in person clubs at the school.

Praying for our kids to open their hearts to accept Jesus as Savior.

  1. Kilby Shores:

Rebekah Wise. Prayer for her cousin in college who is recovering from COVID.

  1. Point O’View, Hermitage, and Shelton Park:
  2. Pembroke, Norview and Thoroughgood:

Ky-Mani Walker is considering participating in JYOU. Pray that God will open doors for JYOU.

  1. Providence:

Pray for children to call on the name of the Lord and be saved.

Pray for those that are believers to hunger and thirst to know Him more.

  1. Suburban Park & Granby:

Cora – Mom has COVID – Cora Prayed to receive Jesus- Pray for her spiritual growth.

Isaac -his aunt Jo Ann with lung cancer.

Nailah-Thank you God for each day. Please help my dad come home soon.

Isaiah- Pray for people with disabilities and illness.

Sasha – no more storms and end of the year tests.

Emma Rose – Her teacher Mrs. Elliott’s grandson has a disease.


Linda – Johnny’s complete recovery.

Barb – having trouble with her back.

Pray for parents and students as students head back to the classrooms; parents having to juggle working from home, parenting as well as academics of their children.

Beth procedure May 20th.

Suzi- cataract surgery on May 20TH.

  1. Corporate landing/Rosemont Forest:

Mayniyah- She is being bullied at her school in Chicago, please pray for it to stop and for her protection.

  1. Woodstock:

Layla-  Family in Brazil still experiencing covid shutdown.

Blake  – No more cavities. Who lives in Canada, (my grandson) that border will open soon and restrictions lessened so he and his family can travel to Virginia this summer.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw Christopher to Jesus.

Prayers that we get back into schools next fall!

Al Grills, continued prayer for his cancer treatments.

  1. Luxford:

Dohnivan- Pray for his mom will stay safe as she has to return to her work place.

Jayvion- Pray all goes well with his mom’s surgery next month.

Fritz brothers- Pray their baby sister grows up healthy and strong.

  1. Douglass Park:


Terrence Jones: pray for the well-being of his parents.

Kawan – Pray for his grandmother’s healing.

Tamiera Jones: Pray that her mom can find a new home in a safe area, as well as a large passenger van for the family.

Samuel Smith: Pray for his sister’s friend who is coming out of boot camp and needs to pass his tests.

GNC team members:

Diane Bowser: Pray for the health of my brother who has complications from severe diabetes and leg amputation. Pray for the health of my sister and mother. Pray for families impacted by COVID. Pray for healing for her great niece Alexandria, who has been suffering from chest pain.

Stephanie Warren: Pray for GNC clubbers and their families as they continue to cope with virtual learning and social separation from peers. Pray for her sister and family members as they recover from COVID., and for total healing without serios complications.

Connie Overton; Pray for healing of her niece Eboni who is hospitalized with heart failure.

Thomas Reese- Pray for the Jones family on the loss of a family member.

Mrs. Jones -Mom of 4 clubbers-Pray for a new home for the family

Douglas Park GNC team – Pray that more GNC clubbers will be able to participate in the program, and that all of the clubbers and their families remain safe and healthy throughout this school year.

The VGNC’s that launched:

Granby & Suburban Combined        Woodstock

Luxford                                                 Corporate Landing & Rosemont Forest Combined

Lakeview                                             Providence

Douglas                                               Norview, Pembroke & Thoroughgood Combined

Kilby Shores                                        Hermitage, Point O’View & Shelton Park Combined

Norfolk Highlands                             Greenbrier Intermediate


Prayers and Praises for this week:

General Prayers:

Pray for a spiritual revival throughout our nation.

Pray for our first responders (police officers, paramedics, and firefighters) who help us each day.


Norfolk Highlands:

Thank God for a wonderful year.

Thankful for the ability to have a zoom club this year and to be able to present the gospel to the children and seeing their faces each week.

Pembroke, Thoroughgood, Norview and General Participants:

Suburban Park/Granby:

Cora Prayed to receive Jesus on 1-28-21

Praise for a mom from the N/P/TH VGNC asking questions about the bible and churches to attend.



Lynn-Praise God that daughter has a new job working from home.

Praise God for His protection over daughter and for providing a good job for her son.


Praise that a new clubber, AJ joined us this week.

Elaine – a praise that her grandson that was injured in an accident at home is doing well.

So thankful for a loving God who cares about every aspect of our lives!

Terry- Praise that her friend with the heart condition did see the specialist and should be receiving treatment for it in 3-4 weeks.


Jayvion’s mom, Alissa and his grandmothers friend, Elizabeth are feeling better and have recovered from COVID-19.


Blake asked Jesus into his heart in February.

Essynce – praise Grandma is feeling better. She wants all her family to know how much she loves them.

Praise for GNC teachers who are plowing new fields using Zoom.

 “And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, the Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me unto you: this is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.”(Exodus 3:15)

 Moses was directed to establish a memorial to God, through a reminder of their forefather’s belief in God.

 Yours in Christ,










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