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Please keep Denise Jones and her family in your prayers. Her father, Irving Mitchell passed away on Tuesday, March 2 and went home to be with the Lord.


Ongoing Personal Prayer Requests:

Ammie Kinsey-Team Leader    Prayer for healing while battling cancer. 

Pray for good health for Ethan & Ariel Anderson’s new baby to be born soon in Japan.

Pray for the son-in-law of one of the volunteers who was waiting on a visa to China. He received his visa but not his family. They are all here in the states seeking clear direction from God.

Hankins family-Continued prayer for Melissa and Rebecca’s ongoing recocery.

Pray for Alyssa (Robin Berns daughter ), a doctor in New York helping COVID-19 patients.

James Green, volunteer at Lakeview, has stomach issues and has been in the hospital.

Suzi – Volunteer at Granby/ Suburban Park-Cataract surgery on March, 1. Healing from COVID.

Pray for Stephen Tyndall’s full recovery from brain surgery and for the success of his future treatments.



Tidewater CEF Committee:

A part time helper for Tracy Williams.

Prayer for Tracy as she prepares for CYIA this summer.

Someone to take over the treasurer position.

New committee members.


District Team Leaders Prayer Requests:

Susan Chapman:

  1. God’s protection and His wisdom in reaching out to the clubbers and their families during this time.
  2. God’s anointing on those teaching the children the gospel message and that the children will realize God’s power through the lessons taught in each new unit.
  3. The Lord will give us wisdom in learning how to use Zoom efficiently in teaching the clubs.
  4. Parents will be open to allow their children to be a part of the Virtual Good News Clubs so that more children will attend the clubs and hear the gospel message.
  5. More volunteers to help with the Luxford GNC.
  6. God’s awakening for all.
  7. Unchurched children from the club will attend the sponsoring church.

Stephanie Foley:

  1. Power of the Holy Spirit (Zech. 4:6).
  2. Three more volunteers from Discover church for Hickory.
  3. Principal of Cooke Elementary to say yes to ASGNC.
  4. Favor with parents/kids to invite more kids to clubs.
  5. More unchurched kids to go to sponsoring churches.
  6. Trinity church oceanfront to sponsor Cooke Elementary.
  7. Pray for an unchurched family at Pembroke Elementary ASGNC Virtual who is considering joining Pembroke’s sponsor church. We are praying the whole family will be saved and plug into the church to grow in Christ.
  8. Praise that Everett and Matthew raised their hands to believe in Jesus at Virtual ASGNC. We pray that God will give our team discernment and wisdom as they counsel these boys.
  9. Pray for the Foley family as they deal will a water leak and mold.

Lynn Parker:

  1. Pray that parents will encourage kids to participate in clubs.
  2. Pray for new volunteers interested in getting involved in an ASGNC.
  3. Pray for good health for everyone.
  4. Pray that volunteers will remain committed.
  5. Pray for expansion (new clubs) through targeted churches and schools.

Barb Patton:

  1. Pray that our two literature distribution students will be able to join us on line.
  2. Pray that I stay connected with the leaders that are not part of the virtual clubs right now..
  3. Pray for a team leader for Granby Elementary once we return to on site.
  4. Praise for a ”chance” God meeting with a former Granby clubber over Christmas break, that lead to her (Cora) salvation.
  5. Pray for Caroline, one of our literature distribution clubbers ( and neighbor of mine) that is going through some difficult custody issues right now.. Mom is very open in asking me to pray, and asking me to explain spiritual things to Caroline, as ”You’re better at it than I am.”
  6. Pray for Pastor Mack Scott from Temple Baptist (sponsor of Willard Model Club when on site) who is going through some difficult heath issues right now.


Team Leaders, Prayer Coordinators, Volunteers and Children Prayer Requests:

  1. Greenbriar ASGNC prayer requests:

Ellen – Pray for more children to attend club meetings; for children doing virtual schooling.

Brianna – Pray for her friends, including a new one she made this week.

Laura – pray for the father of one of her friends who is sick with COVID.

Elaine – that the people who need the vaccine will be able to get it.

Gabby – for her mom who is waiting for the new vaccine because of allergies.

Ida- Pray for her husband who has been experiencing lingering side effects from his first vaccine shot in January.

Terry- Pray for peace, comfort and healing for several friends battling several health issues.

Please pray for a young family experiencing marital difficulties that God would work a miracle in their marriage.

Pray for continued healing for the mother of one of the children who has been in the hospital and is now at home.

Pray that a child who is returning to school after a long absence, due to illness, will be able to establish relationships with his classmates.

Pray for a friend who fell and broke her leg in two places.

  1. Lakeview Elementary:

Jayden & Akira- pray for their Mom & Dad.

Akira – Pray for my uncle Cameron.

Sybil- Pray Mom feels better.

Keyasia- Pray for Mom.


Mary-Pray for Shirley Colden’s family and friends as they grieve her passing.

Gwen Green-Continue to pray for husband James Green and his health issues.

Pray for nephew Sean who has COVID.

Pray for continued grace, peace, physical and spiritual strength for Gwen.

Lynn- Pray for niece Pam and her husband Van who have COVID, also Van’s cancer has returned..

Bettie-Pray for niece who works in a hospital to be protected from getting COVID.

Pray for wisdom, alertness and protection for son Jeffery as he gets acclimated to driving.

Pray for a friend whose son died from COVID.

Velma-Pray that our students will learn to love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

Pray for unsaved family members and those with serious health issues.

Pray for God to watch over and protect students.

Pray for the spiritual growth of students.

Pray for good attendance at our meetings.

Pray for God’s spirit to guide us, teach us during our time of preparation and presentation as we share with the students.

  1. Norfolk Highlands:


Isabel and Julia- Pray for Uncle Mike, who injured his knee, for healing.

Pray for grandmother who is having back pain.

Katouri- pray for the virus to go away.

Lydia and Joel – Pray for work on house to finish, especially on the floors, so there will be no more splinters.

Elijah – Pray for repairs on his house.

Isabel – Pray for a baby brother.

Addy- pray for the farmer (a friend of the family) and farm animals, in western part of Virginia to keep them warm.


Praying for our kids to open their hearts to accept Jesus as Savior.

Praying for the children to return to clubs.

Pray that everyone will wear a mask and stay socially distanced to stop the spread of the virus

  1. Kilby Shores:

Rebekah Wise. Prayer for her cousin in college who is recovering from COVID.

Jeremiah Morrison. His father’s brother passed away. He wants prayer of God’s comfort.

  1. Point O’View, Hermitage, and Shelton Park:

More children to be motivated and attend VGNC’s from Shelton Park and Hermitage.

That the children will be faithful in attendance.

  1. Pembroke, Norview and Thoroughgood:

Pray for Aiden Chae’s return to Thoroughgood Elementary, 5th grade.

Ky-Mani Walker is considering participating in JYOU. Pray that God will open doors for JYOU.

Pray for healthy 1st  grandchild for Deanna & Don Ratz.

  1. Providence:

Pray for children to call on the name of the Lord and be saved.

Pray for those that are believers to hunger and thirst to know Him more.

Pray for the children to join the virtual club on time.

Pray for no technical difficulties.

  1. Suburban Park & Granby:

Cora – Mom has COVID – Cora Prayed to receive Jesus- Pray for her spiritual growth.

Isaac -Great Grandmother has COVID and his Aunt has lung  cancer and COVID.

Alyvia- Prayed to receive Christ. Pray for her spiritual growth.


Suzi – having cataract surgery on March 1th. Healing from COVID.

Linda – Johnny recovering from cardiac issues.

Nimyah – Her brothers mother-in-law died. Pray for family.

Avery – Pray for people in Guatemala. Hard hit by COVID.

Beth – Lindsey and Seth-loss of baby.

  1. Corporate landing/Rosemont Forest:

Mayniyah- is in Chicago and she shared her fears while in school regarding lockdowns and drills that happen when there may be a threat outside of the school. Pray for peace in her heart.

Pray for Karissa, as she started to feel sick during our last Club meeting on Zoom.

Courtney-Her dad is in the military and in Texas until March.

  1. Woodstock:

Essynce-She could see her cousin, her Grandma feel better, her Mom to have energy and time for Essynce.

That her friend would get along with her.

Layla- her sick Grandmother to get better, cousin to be safe, everyday be great for her family.

Christopher- Healing for Grandmother’s wrist.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw Christopher to Jesus.

  1. Luxford:

Pray for Dante, Ty and Kaiden’s mom.

Pray for Mrs. Holly Fritz and for her recovery from gall bladder surgery.

Ábygail-Pray that more parents will allow their children to join the Good News Club on Zoom.

  1. Douglass Park:


Terrence Jones: pray for his mom and dad.

Tamiera Jones: Pray for her mother, a new home and a 12 passenger van for the family.

Kawan Lee: Pray for healing of his grandmother’s arm and his uncle who had surgery.

Samuel Smith: Pray for his sister as she prepares for college exams and deals with other challenges.

GNC team members:

Ruby Jordan: Pray for internet service. Pray for the salvation of unsaved family members.

Diane Bowser: Pray for better internet service so that Zoom can come in clearly. Pray for the health of my brother who has complications from severe diabetes and leg amputation. Pray for the health of my sister and mother. Pray for more kids to join                               our GNC sessions. Pray for families impacted by COVID. Pray for healing for her great niece Alexandria, who has been suffering from chest pain.

Stephanie Warren: Pray for GNC clubbers and their families as they continue to cope with virtual learning and social separation from peers. Pray for her sister and family members as they recover from COVID., and for total healing without serios complications.

Connie Overton; Pray for healing of her niece Eboni who is hospitalized with heart failure.

Thomas Reese- Pray for clubber Nyla and her family as they grieve the passing of her uncle. Pray for the clubbers who have not been able to attend Th GNC meetings.

Ruby Jones- Pray for the Tyree family as they grieve the passing of their loved one, Emma Tyree.

Mrs. Jones -Mom of 4 clubbers-Pray for a new home for the family

The VGNC’s that launched:

Granby & Suburban Combined        Woodstock

Luxford                                                 Corporate Landing & Rosemont Forest Combined

Lakeview                                             Providence

Douglas                                               Norview, Pembroke & Thoroughgood Combined

Kilby Shores                                        Hermitage, Point O’View & Shelton Park Combined

Norfolk Highlands                             Greenbrier Intermediate


Prayers and Praises for this week:

General Prayers:

Pray for safety for all those in charge of our southern border.

Pray that COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to drop at the current rate.



Norfolk Highlands:

Seven children attended this week.

One new child joined club.

3 birthdays this month, Katouri who is 8 years old, Addy who is 7 years old and Elliot who is 5 years old.

Addy – praise for her grandparents that are visiting.

Joel – praise for a new baby brother for his cousin Luke.

A new question for the kids; What has God helped you with this week?:

Elijah-God has given us a lot of rain.

Katouri- God has helped me with my reading.


Praise for a very good club this week, with all of the children participating in the lesson and songs.

Pembroke, Thoroughgood, Norview and General Participants:

8 children attended this week.

4 adults present.

Suburban Park/Granby:

Cora Prayed to receive Jesus on 1-28-21

Praise from Barb – Good family time away on vacation.

Praise for a mom from the N/P/TH VGNC asking questions about the bible and churches to attend.



Lynn-brother and nephew recovering well from COVID.

Praise God that daughter has a new job working from home.

Praise God for His protection over daughter and for providing a good job for her son.


Four children in attendance this past week.

Praise for Elaine who was able to get her COVID vaccination.

Brianna – thankful that she got to go back to school.

Kaelyn- Praise that she is able to attend school virtually and enjoys learning from home.


Jayvion’s mom, Alissa and his grandmothers friend, Elizabeth are feeling better and have recovered from COVID-19.


Praise for GNC teachers who are plowing new fields using Zoom


“Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings.”(Psalm 17:8)

 Can you look back on times in your life and realize that God was there all along, even when you had not accepted Him as Lord and Savior? Under the shadow of his wings.


Yours in Christ,










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