Hey everyone,

 I hope everyone has a safe and joyous Thanksgiving with family and friends. Praise the Lord with Thanksgiving in our hearts.

 Ongoing Personal Prayer Requests:

Carolyn & Charles Hankins (GRVA CEF Chapter) daughters, Melissa (Kidney recipient), Rebecca (Donor). Surgery was on November 18th. No results yet.

Ammie Kinsey-Team Leader    Prayer for healing while battling cancer.  Improving

Thaddeus-Volunteer   Prayer for recovery from triple bypass surgery and stroke.

Pray for good health for Ethan & Ariel Anderson’s new baby to be born soon in Japan.

Pray for God’s protection and provision of a work visa for the son-in-law of one of the GNC volunteers. He is in China desiring permission to live and continue his work there for God’s glory.

Prayer for Tracy Williams- Ongoing closing and move.

Prayer for Gene Richley – Surgery on December 4th for aortic aneurysm.


Tidewater CEF Committee:

A part time helper for Tracy Williams.

Someone to take over the treasurer position.

Someone to take over the recording secretary position.

New committee members.

District Team Leaders Prayer Requests:

Susan Chapman:

  1. God’s protection, His provision, and His wisdom in effective ways to reach others for Him during this time..
  2. God’s anointing on those teaching the children the gospel message.
  3. During this unit being taught the children will realize how valuable they are to God and how much He loves them.

Stephanie Foley:

  1. Power of the Holy Spirit (Zech. 4:6).
  2. Three more volunteers from Discover church for Hickory.
  3. Principal of Cooke Elementary to say yes to ASGNC.

Lynn Parker:

  1. Pray that parents will encourage kids to participate in clubs.
  2. Pray for two volunteers interested in starting ASGNC.
  3. Pray they will agree to sponsor and/or follow through with process to begin club, e.g. Recruit volunteers.

Barb Patton:

  1. Pray for the ongoing combined Sub Park/Granby GNC that kicked off on Thursday ,Oct. 22, especially for the technology involved!
  2. Pray for outreach to a neighbor girl, Caroline; unable to attend club on Thursday’s, but mom wanted a bible for her, weekly Quiet Time sheets, and a link to weekly lessons.
  3. Pray for the potential outreach to Granby and Willard Model through the YMCA Daycare program, That GNC leaders and church members can have this connection with YMCA staff and students..

Team Leaders, Prayer Coordinators and Volunteers Prayer Requests:

  1. Greenbriar ASGNC prayer requests:

Kaelyn- pray for people with coronavirus.

Brianna- pray that everyone is OK and maybe get together for Thanksgiving.

Ellen-that more children would join the club.

Caleb- pray for doctors and nurses that they don’t get sick so they can take care of people with the virus.

Terry- continue to pray for friends battling serious health issues.

  1. Lakeview Elementary:

Akira- pray for her dad’s eyes.

Sybil-pray for her dad’s legs and for her Mom (Volunteer Prayer Request).

Shirley- pray for friend whose cancer has returned.

pray for Shirley’s sister who is hospitalized.

Bettie- pray for wisdom and physical strength for Christine

pray for strength for Kelly to do what she needs to do

James- pray for his health

  1. Norfolk Highlands:

Pray for safe travels for Lydia and Joel going on vacation for the holidays.

Pray for Isabella and Julia’s mom as her best friend passed away and pray for the family.

Pray for Katouri’s sister, she is not feeling well.


Pray for more children to sign up for clubs.

  1. Kilby Shores:

Pray that our two new students who attended our ASGNC using ZOOM, will be encouraged and keep returning (Rebekah & Joseph).

Rebekah’s friend Haley has an uncle who is sick and needs prayer.

Jeremiah’s friend Ryan lost his grandmother and needs prayer for the family.

Trinity lost her grandmother this summer who used to bring her to GNC last year.

  1. Point O’View, Hermitage, and Shelton Park:

More children to be motivated and attend VGNC’s from Shelton Park and Hermitage.

That the children will be faithful in attendance.

  1. Pembroke, Norview and Thoroughgood:

Pray that the children bring their Bibles for sword drills

Pray for improved internet connections for all Zoom participants.

Pray for Virginia Beach schools as they return to Zoom academic classes and virtual learning.

  1. Providence:

Pray for children to call on the name of the Lord and be saved.

Pray for more students to join the virtual club.

Pray for those signed up will remember to join each week.

  1. Suburban Park & Granby:

Sasha – Pray for my mom and dad,

Alyvia – Prayed to receive Christ in club last week. Pray for her spiritual growth.

  1. Corporate landing/Rosemont Forest:

Courtney-Her dad is in the military and in Texas until March.

Prayer for all of the families in Good News Clubs.

All eighteen of the VGNC’s have launched:

Granby & Suburban Combined        Woodstock

Luxford                                                 Corporate Landing & Rosemont Forest Combined

Lakeview                                             Providence

Douglas                                               Norview, Pembroke & Thoroughgood Combined

Kilby Shores                                        Hermitage, Point O’View & Shelton Park Combined

Norfolk Highlands                             Greenbrier Intermediate

 Pray for the continuation of all the virtual clubs this week.

 Prayers and Praises for this week:


Pray for the vaccines coming for their FDA approval, distribution and effectiveness.

Pray for those in our country who are in leadership positions.


Norfolk Highlands:

Have 12 children enrolled in club.

10 children attended.

Children are participating in the lesson, by reading Bible verse from the Bible story.

This week was “bring your pet to club today”-we had 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish and 1 parrot. It was a nice opening to our club.

Kilby Shores:

We were really encouraged with the new attendees this week and they wasted no time getting involved.

They were given a short quiz on what they retained and did well when enticed with candy rewards.

Pembroke, Thoroughgood, Norview and General Participants:

Praise for return of Camren Hester with good internet connection.

Praise for Anne Doman’s new computer and it’s performance for Zoom.

Praise for the excellent participation of the 9 children.

Suburban Park/Granby:

Praise for a great start of our Virtual GNC.

Praise for a mom from the N/P/TH Virtual Club asking questions about the bible and churches to attend.

Praise for GNC teachers who are plowing new fields using Zoom


 “Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving; Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds” (Colossians 4:2-3)

 Paul while in prison is writing a letter to the Colossians asking them to be in continuous prayer, watching what God will do and thanking Him in advance. At the end of the verse Paul is asking them to pray for opportunities to witness to spread the Gospel of Christ. May the Lord give us boldness to spread the Gospel.

Yours in Christ,







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