Hey everyone,


New Prayer request:

From Carylon Buck’s Daughter

Her Mom is in CCU at Belle Harbour in Suffolk. Pray that they diagnose and treat her issue properly.


Any answers to prayer for the following: Nancy Johnson, Coe Family, Dohnivan, Newlin Family and Sanders Family.


 Tidewater CEF Committee:

A part time helper for Tracy Williams.

Someone to take over the treasurer position from Joe Mannix.

Someone to replace Pam Mannix as secretary on the committee.


Robin Brinn-TL

Wayne Holloman – Stroke/recovering


Ginny Bellamy-PC:

For a new ASGNC at Kempsville Meadows. Kempsville Presbyterian Church to sponsor


Stephanie Foley-DTL:

Start an ASGNC at Tallwood Elementary (I am touching base with a Pastor from Atlantic Shores Baptist Church).

Thalia Lynn Baptist to start Thalia Elementary School ASGNC in fall.

Three more volunteers from Discover Church to join the team to start ASGNC in fall.


Velma Bolden-PC

Student-Sam-“please pray for smooth transition to new home


Lake view Elementary students
*Samiyah – pray that God will keep our family safe
*Kenya & Niyah – pray for families with the Coronavirus to be able to fight this
Please Continue to pray and praise God for all He is doing in CEF Tidewater.


Please pray that Quiet Time will be utilized by the children and that families will gather together and rightly divide Your Word Oh God.

We pray that families will pray together.

We pray for salvation of these children and families through the belief on the name of our savior Jesus Christ!!!  To God be the Glory!!!

We pray for all of the CEF volunteers please keep us faithful in our fellowship with you God through our savior Jesus Christ and on the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Please God help us to pray without ceasing. Praise God for His Grace, Mercy, and Providence.


ARROWHEAD                                    GREENBRIER INT                         PROVIDENCE

BOOKER T. WASHINGTON              HERMITAGE                                  RENA B WRIGHT

BUTTS ROAD PRIMARY                   INDIAN LAKES                              ROSEMONT FOREST

BUTTS ROAD INTERMEDIATE        KEMPSVILLE                                 SEATACK

CENTERVILLE                                   KILBY SHORES                            SHELTON PARK

CORPORATE LANDING                    LAKEVIEW                                    SPARROW ROAD

CREEDS                                             LUXFORD                                     THOROUGHGOOD

CRESTWOOD INT                              NORFOLK HIGHLANDS              THURGOOD MARSHALL

DOUGLASS PARK                             NORVIEW                                     WILLARD MODEL

FAIRFIELD                                          PEMBROKE                                 WOODSTOCK


GRANBY                                             PORTLOCK PRIMARY

1 – Nancy Johnson, volunteer – fell and broke her hip  and had surgery to correct the problems please pray for her speedy recovery.

2 – Coe family – mom is pregnant and experiencing morning sickness; keep the dad safe while he works; help keep the 3 boys focused so they can get their school work done; give the mom creative ways to teach them.

3 – Dohnivan – feeling frustrated and missing his school friends; help him adjust to homeschooling; give the mom clarity as she teaches him.

4 – Newlin family – keep the dad safe as he works at the hospital in administration and give him wisdom and peace of mind in the busyness of daily things; wisdom for the mom as she homeschools the three children; Madison – prayers for her mental and spiritual well-being as she is adjusting being away from school and her friends.

5 – Sanders family – pray for the mom as she is homeschooling five children; Andromida – prayers for their 6 year old who has recurring kidney infections and they’re trying to get her in to CHKD to resolve the issue

Prayers and Praises for this week:


Pray for 5-Day clubs starting this week.

Pray for safety for all those participating in the 5-Day clubs.

Pray for many children to attend the 5-Day clubs.


Praise for The CYIA’s participating this week.

Praise for Tracy and Barbara’s hard work.

Praise  for God working in CEF this summer.


“For as rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: So shall my word that goeth forth and out of my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”(Isaiah 55:10-11)

When God’s word is presented to the children in the 5-Day Clubs let us keep in mind it will not return void.

Yours in Christ,





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