Happy Sunday!!!

Please continue to be in prayer for all of our After School Good News Clubs (ASGNC)s in Tidewater
Please continue to be in prayer for the upcoming CEF banquet and the administration of this event.
To God be the Glory

Prayer Requests:
Sion – his Dad’s arm is still causing him problems
T’yonna – Kaylee
Connie – Kaylee
Makkensie – Kaylee                    has a gymnastic’s meet on Sunday afternoon
Adora – her Dad gets out of jail
Isaiah – Kaylee
Gaby – Kaylee
Hunter – his eye
Luke – his Dad is sick
Hailey – hopes her Dad’s girlfriend passes her test
Lucas – Kaylee
Kendrick – his birthday was this past Monday

Noemi- pray grandpa feels better
Isobel-healing for her dog, please keep the devil away
Stella-hopes her old dog doesn’t die
Cailyn: Thank God for unicorns, and for all pets in the world
Summer-Thank you God for everything
Paul-Thank you God
EvelynThank you God for food
Logan, healing for my friend who fractured his foot
Kari-healing for her dad who had a seizure
Carter-Thank you Jesus
Lucas-for faith in Jesus
Delilah- for Ms. Franno and her baby

Grayson – I am thankful for God.
Sasha – My Mom.
Akira – I pray I do good on my SOLs.
Ah’moni – I love my sister and mom in jail.
Dezmeria- Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Monae – God
Terry – My mom.
JaHeim – My knee
Bryson – I want to be a better basketball player, please.
Alyvia- Reading


A’niya- for my dad
Sophia- for life to get better
Christina- I hope people stop hurting the earth.
Arden- My brother is sick.
Brianna- for my dad to be safe on the boat
Drew- I want to pray for my mom, because she had surgery on her left foot and it went well.
No name- I want my grandparents to sell their store
Zemirah- help my aunt and her back  amen
Ciara- help my brother get a job  Amen
Kaelyn- for my back to get better
Gabriella- keep my Dad safe
Amia- I request for God to let me read a Bible chapter
Darrian- to get good grades
David- that the vaccination for corona virus comes out soon
Jackson- to help my mom and grandma
David – for better grades
Terry- for Jacob, who has cancer, and his family

Dear Pray-ers,

Here are the praises and requests from the kids this week:
Gavin – was thankful an angel came to check on him


Brylee – that her Mom’s friend’s dog feels better
Emily – Healing for brother Cameron who was sick with a fever all week
Ava – Have a good birthday Sunday
Kylie – To stop coughing
Matthew – My Grandpa is in the hospital
Emerson – My Grandpa is not well
Christopher – My sister Lillian’s foot to heal
Daniella – God to heal my eczema
Please pray that the Holy Spirit will help us work together smoothly as a team for the children’s benefit and God’s glory. So thankful for all of you

Jordyn – I pray for my step dad because he keeps on throwing up. I hope he gets well soon.
Abygail – I am sick and I’ve been coughing all day.
Eden – Please help my sister with her seizures.
Kaiden – I hope that my mom, dad, and my brothers are happy.
Mr. Kenny Edwards, our Luxford team leader –  Please pray peace and comfort for his family as his mother-in-law passed away Monday.
T- I’m thankful for me being alive.
Dante – I an thankful for everything.
Leah – I am thankful for my guinea pig.
McKennah. For my dad to be better and not get any more gallbladder attack and not to get hurt anymore.
Savannah That my teacher decides to stay instead of leaving on Friday. Thank you.
Lailah I hope my dad will get better because he’s sick.

” I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. ” Galatians 2:20



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