Happy Sunday!!!

Please continue to be in prayer for all of our After School Good News Clubs (ASGNC)s in Tidewater
Please continue to be in prayer for the upcoming CEF banquet and the administration of this event.
To God be the Glory

Norfolk Highlands ASGNC
Zoey – My Grama is getting surgery on her hand.
Ayaloni – Pray for cousin’s safe return home from NY.
Brody – My nammy is at a far country and I miss her.
Julie – I love my Mommy.  She had to yell at me.
Alannah – Aunt’s dog died.
Katouri – My sister because she is crying.
Mr Joe – My sister and brother in law in Florida who has health issues.
Ms Ellen – Thank you Lord for my new   Great Grandson Jett Wilder Waterfield.

Shelton Park ASGNC
McKennah- my dad had gallbladder attack for 3 nights in a row
Aiden- I pray that my dad — gallbladder surgery

Eva – I hope or pray that my dog who now lives up in heaven is happy and is healed with all the treats Ziggy can get.
Jayvion – I pray I can go back to Mr. Pittman’s class.
Kohnivan – Dear God, thank you for helping my dad find a home. If we are doing anything against your will, please send us a sign.
Brandon – I want to move in a year.
Abygail – Please heal my mom. She is very sick and has lots of headaches.
Ciana – My aunt got in a car crash. God, please help her legs feel better.
Jordyn – I pray for my grandma’s and my mom’s neighbor’s dog.
Eden – Please help me and my sisters get along.
KAIDEN – I hope my mom and dad feel good and my brothers and that they are happy.
Dante – I am thankful for my life.
Leah – I am thankful for life.

Suburban Park ASGNC
Grayson (1) I want a switch lite
Jasmain (4) To do good on my SOL
Elaurah (1) I wish I have shoes
Sasha (2) My leg
Akira(3) I pray for an ipad II please
Dior (3) My ticket willl be said
Monae (1) I love Jesus
Demariyah (3) To find my bible
Ziemere (2) My baby he keeps acting up
JaHeim help my dad play basketball
Mahoganie (2)  YMCA Help my mom with her school work.  I love God.
Bryson (2) Please give my grandma money so she won’t be broke
Lisa Broadway . Please pray for healing for Tracey Wright, my aunt.

Woodstock ASGNC
Grace – My Mom is having a baby
Savannah – Grandma has a hard time breathing
Emily – Jasmine gets out of cast on her arm
Jasmine – wrist gets better
Marcella – Good score on moon phase test
Aeron – Wrist healing
Kylie – My throat feel better
Ava – My little brother will get well
Alexis – My family be safe

Granby ASGNC
Ryleigh pray for my friend
Autumn pray for Love
Azaria pray for basketball
Sienna praise God is good to us
Gracie . pray that people will stop bullying

Norview Elementary ASGNC

Jamiya    God help me to listen to you, to understand what you are telling me and help me do it.
Camren    Camren could’t come to GNC this week but wants us to pray for him to do well in school. Pray for his Mom, his family, his Mom’s job, for his dad not to drink alcohol.
Abraham    For God to show He is in control.
Kyree        God please keep my family safe.
Nesta        Please pray for my dad. He doesn’t know who Jesus is and that Jesus loves him and forgives him.
Jayden    God help me to listen at school, at home, and always obey You.
Amayaha    I would like prayers for everyone.
William    Pray for my family’s move and my parent’s new jobs
Ahlas’juah    Not here today. Pray that Ahlas’juah and Simiyah will love Jesus and walk with Him, that they may know Him
Favour        Pray for God’s peace and guidance as our family moves to Wisconsin.
Zarrie        Thank You God for Good News Club. Please help us to listen and obey You.


Thank you God for Ms. Lisa Morris, Norview Elementary School Counselor, who is coming to GNC each week to help the children with their behavior.

Creeds ASGNC
Please prayer for
Our pastor, Chuck Moseley. He is out of the hospital and recovering at home.
Our volunteer, Carolyn Halstead as she recovers from an illness.
Our volunteers Mike and Leah Bedell as they wait for  a precious bundle of joy’s (Olive Anne)  arrival in April.
Our volunteer, Sally Holoman and her family as they support her daughter-in-law, Laura Holoman in her battle with cancer.

Sparrow Road Elementary ASGNC
Saniya – My big brotherTreasure – Her sisterMadelynn – Her uncle to be safe in New York

Indian River ASGNC
Liliana Praises I thank you for my birthday.
Yoni God is strong and He is mighty.  I love Him.
Raegan  I pray for my teacher, Mr. Bennet.
Harper I love my mom and dad because they take care of me.           Help with writing.   Ava Help Miss Hiine travel safe.
Imani I pray to God to help me not to be sick.

Providence ASGNC
Children:Praise – 3 children (Mia, Ivy, and Abagail) made a salvation decision

Skylar and Ben already made salvation decision, but came to discuss more.Salvation for unsaved children
Camilla – a new car for her sister
Mikayla – Mom away on deployment; having some attention seeking behavioral issues
Skylar – throat to feel better
Mason – everyone in town and in GNC to stay safe and healthy
Jahmer – sisters and Mom to stay healthy
Maria – everybody in the whole world to be ok and not eat junk food
Lincoln – everyone to be healthy and not get hurt
Preston – Mom,Jojo, Ethan, Parker, and Dad to stay healthy
Stacey – Mom and whole family to stay healthy
Unknown – thankful to be here
Praise – Sandi Siler back and feeling better
Karen – Dr. appointment and test results
Dawn – Mom health and Dad salvationUnspoken requestsGod’s provision of volunteers

Greenbrier Intermediate School ASGNC
Christina- that my dad stays safe because he works for the military
Siya- I want to do better on my grade
Arden- my brother
Cayden- for my brother to come from college to visit me
Charlyn- for my sis to feel better
Jada- my grades
Gabby- Please keep my dad safe
Jamal- I pray for Clarie not to call names at me and my mom
Jamal- I pray for my football game today
Sophia- no more drama
Amia- I request that I can get good grades on my report card
Julian- help my mom get a job, please
Ciara- help Julian’s mom get a job
David- pray for David S. David
-that you would save Amrin and his family and let him understand what you say to him
Terry-for my friend who is having eye surgery this week and also has heart issues

CEF at Corporate Landing ElementaryAfter School Good News Club
Aiden – Jesus
Brandon –
Brooke – So my brother to come to GNC
Caliana My family, sister baby, friend, cousin, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa
Carlina (Carli)- Hopefully Destiny gets better, and thank you Lord for answering Evonni’s prayer
Carlos M – Raise the animals, feed, water
Evonni Kyra’s family, destiny, my family, for the kids who don’t believe; and thanks to the Lord for answering my prayers. I got into ATC!!!
Genesis –
Hailey – My finger is infected.  For me to stay here and not have to go to tutoring
Isabel I pray to have a good year of 2020, and for Destiny Grayson’s wife, and Daddy, Gary
Karrissa My grandma, grandpa enjoy
Kaylena for my mom and dad
Landen stop fighting
Mah’Niyah (returning Mar 18)
Martina(TJ) – please still pray for my grandpa’s coughing
Mia \– Destiny gets better, and pray for Daddy
Robert (JJ)-
Ryan – Be good
. Rylee
Thomas for my father to come home safely
Tyisthr – to have class to make God
Calio J – give the kids make vines

Georgetown ASGNC
Prayer Requests:
Kendrick – family member, Harvey, has a brain tumor
Hailee – that there’s not too much snow in N. Dakota for her sister to go to school
Gaby – Kaylee
Lucas – Baby Grayson
Sion – his Dad was bowling and hurt his arm
Makkensie – Kaylee
Isaiah – Kaylee
Luke – that no one catches the coronavirus
Hunter – that he gets to go to Fun and Fitness at the school Friday night
T’yonna – a girl her age died of cancer
Adora – grateful for food
Rhilee – her Dad got home from his business trip in time for his birthday

“The third time He said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love Me?”  Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love Me?”  He said, “Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.”  Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”  John 21:17

In Christ Alone,

Barb Schimming

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