Happy Sunday!!!Prayers and praises around Tidewater

Prayer Requests:
Sion – that his Dad gets home safely from work
Fabiana – that she has a long life
Adora – that her Dad gets out of jail
Makkensie – Kaylee Rios
Connie – Kaylee
Hunter – that he can be good in Good News Club today (and he was!!)
Luke – that everyone has a good Valentine’s Day
Lexie – Kaylee
Hailey – her Dad’s birthday is today
Gaby – Kaylee
Lucas – that Baby Grayson is out of the hospital and doing well
Lexie – Dad came home safely from his business trip
T’Yonna – she feels loved

Fairfield Good News Club Prayer Requests:
Maddie-that everyone with cancer get better
Titus- that the sick feel better
Adam- that Mr. Jim gets better.
Candace- for people not to get the coronavirus and for it to stop spreading.
Kyresse-for everyone to know about God can get their sins saved and go to heaven also that no one gets sick.  That my little brother can behave at GNC.
Trey- that my dad can come home soon.
Keilah-for the coronavirus to stop.
Emmanuelle- so I can pray for others and start praying for myself too.
Sarai- that Kennedy feels better soon and able to come back to club.
Haley- I pray that Mr. Koger’s friend Jacob gets better and that his family trust God through all of it amen.
Ainsley-that I do not get any of the sicknesses
Chloe- that she will be convicted of her sin and stop stealing other classmates things at club
Isaiah, Tatiana and Xavier to be kind.

Leaders prayer request- children will be cooperative, attentive and kind to each other and respectful to leaders.  That we can also connect them with a church.
Praying for a strong connection and partnership between our sponsoring church and Good News Club.
Praying that more volunteers will get involved in this community outreach ministry.

Shelton Park ASGNC

Kylie prays I wish my dad could be here for Valentine’s Day
Cameron prays for success in school
Lailah prays for success on my test
Savannah prays for dad on deployment

Mary Cleara prays for her Mom
Abigail prays that people will stop bullying
Royal prays for help with work
Athena prays for family
Azaria prays for basketball

Please continue to pray for each of the children to call on the name of the Lord and be saved and the growth of those who have declared Jesus as Savior.
Joy – arm to heal
Sakura – friends to treat her nicely
Maria – for Miss Hope and her family to stay strong and healthy
Preston – family to stay strong and healthy
Mason – for everyone to stay strong and healthy and for teachers
Stacey – bus driver to stay safe and for his mom to have a blessed birthday
Mikayla – Mom away on deployment

Sandi Siler – sick with virus and facial nerve pain
Dawn – Mom Health and Dad salvation
More volunteers with growing club
Children struggling with behavior issues and foul language
So thankful to share in this awesome opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus to these AMAZiNG children!!!  Have a blessed day!  Numbers 6:24-26

“Be still, and know I am God:  I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.  The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.  Selah. ”  Psalm 46: 10-11.
In Christ Alone,

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