Happy Sunday!!!
Prayer requests from Tracy:
Pray for more children to attend GNC at Booker T. Washington and Kilby Shores
Following churches are interested in starting GNC this year:
Crosswater Presbyterian Church at Chittum Elementary;
Grace Presbyterian and New Light Baptist at Deep Creek Central
CYIA Ministry and 5-Day Clubs this summer
Sondra Howe (volunteer in club) as her husband passed away.
February 29th-CYIA Jump StartMarch 17th-CEF Fundraising Banquet
Thank you!
God Bless,Tracy Williams
Local CoordinatorChild Evangelism Fellowship of VirginiaTidewater Chapter

Providence ASGNC:
Hello Prayer Partners,

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day!
Please continue to pray for these children to call on the name of the Lord and be saved.
Children’s requests:
Sacckura – girl in class will stop calling her names.
Joy – pray for Mom’s arm to heal
Lincoln – praying for everyone to stay safe and healthy.
Maria – praying that God will heal her sister and the whole world to stay strong and healthy.
Mason – pray for whole world to stay strong and healthy including his family.Stacey – praying for everyone at Good News Club and everyone to stay strong and healthy.
Preston – Thank you God for helping me learn to do cartwheels.
Claire – that her Daddy comes home safe.
Noah – strep throat gets better.
Tristan B. – to be able to see his new baby cousin
Skylar – healing for her Dad’s leg after surgery
Ben – Dad to come home safe in 3 days
Ivy – Mom to feel better
Lucas – Dominic got in a car crash
Camilla – Mom trip home from Africa
Savannah – help the homeless
Unknown – God will heal my brother
MiKayla – Mom away deployment
Volunteers:God’s continued provision for new volunteers
Sandi Siler – God’s healing for facial nerve pain

Luxford ASGNC
Here are our Luxford prayer requests:
Eden – Lord, please heal my grandma of her leaking foot.
Ciana – My grandma and my grandpa is sick.
Leah – Thank you for my guinea pig.
Abygail – I hope my best friend is ok because she is sick.
Dohnivan – Dear God, thank you for giving my dad a house and for letting my dad make it Christmas too.
Jayvian – I pray about me coughing, sneezing, runny nose.
Kayden – Please pray for all my friends to have a good year of 2020.
Kaiden – I hope to get good grades at school and that my mom, dad and my brothers will be happy most of the time.
Madison – I hope I get better grades on my report card so I could go home and show it to my mom and dad. And I hope they are proud.
Jordyn – I pray for my friend Hanstey.
Eva – I pray for my brother who has seemed really sad lately.

Shelton Park ASGNC
Anastasia That Gavin stops being annoying.
KylieI hope Mrs. Warren kicks someone out of STEM Club and pick me for that replacement.
Mckennah Friends feel good in the neighborhood.
Rosa . My mom and dad to be ok and that is all.

Norfolk Highlands ASGNC
The children were asked what they were thankful for.

Faith- Kawika.
Norah- My new cat and God and my fine family and friends.
Alannah- Friends.
Elijah- For London and Lincoln.
Katouri- Food.
Ayaloni- My dog.
Keneil- Thankful for my cats.
Colton- For God.
Emmanuella- My toys.
Julia- Thankful for my Gus, God, dog, cats and birds.
Thalializ- God.
Randi- My family, friends and God.

Lakeview Elementary ASGNC

Kinyah – please pray for my cousin
Naula – pray for my cousin who is in special education
Gianna – pray for  me and my family, my father passed away
Maryann – pray for my cousin who is in the hospital
Akira – pray for my  20 yr. old uncle who is in the hospital
Anniyah – pray for my baby brother who is sick
Sybil – pray that my sister will feel better

Corporate Landing ASGNC
Aiden Saunders
-Brandon Edwards
-Brooke Edwards – To my brother to be ok
Caliana Brunner
-Carlina Carter (Carli)- My family and my momCarlos Morales Iscoa – Give mercy
Evonni Carter – To get into ATCGenesis
Byrd -Hailey
Alden – My moms back to feel better
10. Isabel Adkins – That sister gets into ATC.  I hope that I get good grades.
11. Jaiden Allen –
12. Jayden Pressley –
13. Karrissa Nash – My friend play
14. Kaylena Merritt – Mom
15. Landen Lewis-Alvarado – Hope feel better
16. Mah’Niyah Williams   (returning Mar 18)
17. Martina Marcial (TJ)
-18. Mia Adkins – I pray that my birthday goes well
19. Robert Thomas (JJ)
-20. Rodney Reed (Matthew) – A friend, Rodney pick up from GNC
21. Ryan Riedel –
22. Rylee Schmink
-23. Thomas Poston – For family to come over
24. Tristan Schmink –

Granby ASGNC
Ryleigh I pray I stay on honor roll
Mary Cleara I pray for my mom’s uncle
Christian I pray for my friend
Cora I pray that I get my jacket back
Royal . Hi God help God
Autumn prays for more food
Athena . me

Indian Lakes ASGNC

Below are our prayer requests:
God, help people get better at things       Ava
God, help me stand up for you                   Ava
I  can pray to God so I can fight and God gives strength       Yoni
I pray to God to help me to not be sick      Imani
I pray that me and my classmates pass the test      Raegan
Thank you , God, for Pokeman card        My dad to feel OK because his grandma died       Harper
Dad to have happy day at work      Alexandria
I pray to God for my father, I love him, he is strong

Georgetown Primary ASGNCPrayer Requests:

Luke – his brother is going in the military soon
Noah – there’s a bully on their bus and he’s picking on a younger student
Fabiana – she and her Mom are both sick
Lexie – Kaylee Rios
Rhilee – her Dad won’t be at home for his birthday due to an out of town business    trip
Connie – homeless people
Makkensie – Kaylee Rios
Adora – for her Dad to get out of prison and her to be able to meet him
Lucas – Kaylee Rios and Baby Grayson
Sion – that his baby sister due in May is healthy
Gaby – her right leg has been hurting
Hailey – her friend, Stephen, is moving; will be going to a new school
Kendrick – has been having leg cramps
Hunter – there’s a bully on the bus but the driver won’t do anything about it    (not the same bus that Noah is on)

Greenbrier Intermediate ASGNC

Here are the prayer requests from February 7, 2020
: Sammy-that my family is protected
Christina-to help my aunt get better
David-that my friends will have a good life
Anna-for my aunt to deliver her baby boy good!
Charlyn-my sister’s leg to feel better
Jada-keep my grades up
Briana-I hope I can make new friends and not be bullied like the last 2 years
A’Niya for my grandma
Sophia-to make life easy
Siya-I want to get a good grade
Drew-get good grades in school and be a good listener
Morgan-my dad will feel better
Kaelyn-pray for my great grandmother-she’s turning 100 in two weeks
Ciara-help my sister be safe. Amen
Aaron-mom Caleb-my brother’s nose
Zemirah-my dad’s back to feel better.  Amen
David-better grades
Gabby-please keep my dad safe overseas
Amia-thank you God for keeping Arden-help my aunt get better

Providence ASGNC Feb 8 meeting
So thankful we can continue to join in prayer for these awesome kiddos!
Please continue to pray for their salvation and for growth in those who have received Jesus.
Children’s Requests:
Maria – Miss Hope to stay strong and healthy and for sister to feel better
Lincoln – everyone to stay healthy
Mason – everyone to stay healthy
Jahmer – Mommy to stay healthy
Preston – family to be healthy
Joy – Mom to continue to get better
Silas – Praise, brother’s nose healed
Savannah – help for the homeless
Skylar – Dad’s surgery
Noah C. – Aunt and Uncle get back together and my Mom’s stomach to feel better
Camilla – Sister can get her car fixed
MiKayla – Mom away on deployment
Volunteer Requests:
Sandi Siler – nerve pain in face
Hope – Mom’s headaches
Dawn – parents (Mom’s health and Dad salvation)
God’s provision for volunteers

Woodstock ASGNC
Please pray for Bev (helping out with the team).
In her own words she asks for the following: There is also a matter of having a hearing problem in noisy circumstances, coupled with some short-term memory loss. This makes both me and the child frustrated when I can’t hear, then can’t remember her name, or anything else she says! Pray for me.
These are the children prayer and praise requests:
Emily –          Neighbor, Miss Lona, to get better
Peyton-         Jaxon, his cousin, is in the hospital
Scarlett-        Find a house in Kempsville
Laniya-         That she won’t sin –that her brother won’t get on her nerves
Allyssa-         That her sister doesn’t get on her nerves
Ava-             My family and baby brother be healthy
May these kids see our powerful God answering as we pray! – Jan

“And in that day thou shalt say, O LORD, I will praise thee:  though though wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me.
Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; He also is become my salvation.
Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon His name, declare His doings among the people, make mention that His name is exalted.
Sing unto the LORD; for He hath done excellent things:  this is known in all the earth.
Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.”
Isaiah 12


Barb Schimming

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