Happy Sunday!!!
ASGNC Praise and Prayer:
Indian Lakes
I love God     Kaydence   Pray for others who do not know God.
Yoni   Can you help me get better.
Ava   I pray to God to help me be unsick.
God is greater.

Norfolk Highlands
Alannah – Cousin died.
Ayaloni – Pray for Kobe Bryant’s family.
Elijah – Joanna, because she is nice.
Katouri – Pray for friend who didn’t want to leave but stay and play.
Randi – For her life.
Elijah – Grandpa is having knee replacement surgery.
Jermya – That my family be rich and another’s be rich.
Emmanuella – Pray for her dog that God will take care of him.
Nasien – Kobe Bryant.
Gavic – My Mom won’t work so hard.

CEF at Corporate Landing ElementaryAfter School Good News Club
Roster – by First Name:                        January 29,2020
Aiden Saunders – Jesus grandpa
Brandon Edwards – not get a bad report card
Brooke Edwards – Get a good report card
Caliana Brunner – I pray for my om and my little old school
Carlos Morales IscoaGenesis ByrdHailey
Alden – My uncle and aunt to stop fighting
8. Jaiden Allen
9. Jayden Pressley
10. Karrissa Nash  – Mom my prayer
11. Kaylena Merritt – for my mom
12. Landen Lewis-Alvarado – hope feel better
13. Mah’Niyah Williams   (returning Mar 18)1
4. Martina Marcial – Please give with my grandpa’s pain body so he was little good body, then give him more better with his body. Amen
15. Robert Thomas(JJ)
– 16. Rodney Reed(Matthew) – pray for my girlfriend Madison, my mom, grandpa, Cassidy
17. Ryan Riedel
18. Rylee Schmink
19. Thomas Poston – for family to come over
20. Tristan Schmink

Prayer Request for Fairfield Good News Club
Children’s requests:Maya-Anna to get better
Misha-I love God and Jesus
Louise-my Grandpa died
Daniel- I hope it snows
Lorelei-not to be afraid of moving
Major-my hot wheels
Adam- Help me stay focused in school  and complete all my work.
All the  kiddos who were sick and missed school and club this week.
Leader’s Requests:
Randy- prayers for Greenbrier Intermediate GNC every Friday.
Carol – for sister Suzette to handle the pain of cancer.
Kristy to find a new job
Erin- Safe travel home from  Liberty University and back this weekend.
Christina- Recovery from sickness and give her good rest and confidence.
Traci- Husband Kevin was in a car accident this week.
Pray for quick healing.
Praise for his protection
Sallie-Sufficient volunteers to teach and help at club each week.
Our teacher/volunteers for  wisdom, understanding,  time, good health, focus, proper preparation for the club and protection for family and themselves.
The Children would be drawn to club with open hearts and minds.
The children would be saved and grow spiritually
Children would be diligent in learning their memory verses and Quiet Time Quests.
Saved children to have an impact on their parents, siblings and classmates.
Children will be cooperative and kind to leaders and each other during club.

Amahaya        I want to pray for my brother.
Jamiyah        I am thankful I got to a new year and am still alive.
Nesta            I hope my baby sister who died is in heaven. I need the tooth fairy to come.
Favour        My brother has red eye and needs prayer.
Alan            Pray my dad will feel better.
Camren        Want my sister to come home.
William        I want my new backpack soon.

Woodstock ASGNC
Here are the children’s prayer requests from 1/30/2020:
Mikayla –      I want you to make me pretty
Emily –         Help to not get emotional
Savannah-     that my uncle will be happy
Braxton-        his dog will recover from surgery                    Peace in his home
Lucy-            for God to help the homeless people
Jacob-          do  his school work well
Maleigha-      help Mom and Nana not get too stressed
Daniella-       Jesus help me with my anger
Christopher-  can stay home alone and play Nintendo
Ava-             everyone to be happy and safe
Kylie-            family stays healthy-especially the dog
Alexis- my family stay alive a long time
Emerson-      my Grandma gets better
Scarlett-        that I find a house zoned for Kempsville
Laniya-         everyone’s safety
Thanking God that the kids had a great time today! – Jan

These are the prayer requests from January 31, 2020:
Ciara-help my brother in the Sumeryns.  Thank you, God. Amen
Drew-I pray for Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Bryant.
Jamal-I pray for my grandad and grandma.
Aiden-pray for my dad.
Siya-I want my grandparent to feel better.
Aaron-my dog
A’Niya-I want to pray for my dad
Brianna-my dad cause he is on the boat for a year/February
Gabriella-keep my Dad safe
Brianna-she will be good while in deployment.
Isabella-thank you for my dog!
Christina-to always complete homework.
Sophia-to make life easier.
Rhiley-to help the environment to be cleaner.
Charlyn-to get better at math
David-for my sister’s health
David-help my mom get through my divorce
Darrian-family gets along
No name-my 2 grana is getting sick.
Elaine-safe travels for Steph and family as they return from China
Terry-for my friend having eye surgery this week

Prayer Requests:
Rhilee – her Mom is still sick
T’yonna – her Mom is having surgery
Lexie – Kaylee Rios
Lucas – that his Mom’s back continues to improve
Connie – her Mom hasn’t been feeling well
Amber – she had to leave Good News Club early today
Makkensie – her gymnastics practice today
Amber – that 2020 is a good year
Kendrick – that his game gets to his house soon
Hailey – her Dad cut himself twice using a knife
Sion – that he has a good basketball game tomorrow
Luke – Hunter’s Grandpa is sick
Hunter – that his Grandpa feels better
Hunter – that he and Luke can get together soon
Gaby – for her younger sister
Adora – she has a home
Lucas – that baby Grayson can stay out of the hospital
Isaiah – thankful for everything God has done
“Let all your things be done with charity.”  I Corinthians 16:14

In Christ Alone

Barb Schimming

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