Happy Sunday!!!
Providence Elementary ASGNC
Joy – Mom’s arm burnt from car accident
Silas – 3 year old brother, Remington has a sore nose
Lincoln – thank you God for everything
Jahmer – Mom, Dad and rest of family to stay healthy and strong
Preston – thankful for scooter
Mason – healing for his arm
Maria – baby sister to stay strong and healthy
Stacy – to stay strong and healthy
Camilla – Mom on mission trip and for sister’s need for more money for car
Savannah – the homeless
Mikayla – Mom on deployment
Unknown – he me from getting sick
Sandi Siler – healing of nerve pain in face and travelsMargie – trip to FL with daughter; continue to thank God for adding her to team

Greenbrier Intermediate ASCNC
Morgan, Rhiley-That Mrs. Thompson’s mom will get better and get out of the hospital
Aiden-Please heal me Raine-grandma-she is getting sick
Gabby-Please keep my Dad safe on the boat.
Anna-I want to help my sister because she is pregnant.
Jamal-God protect my goddad.
Julian-keep my dad safe on the ship.
Kaelyn-I pray for my grandmother because she is 109 and she might die.
No name given-to help my mom find a job
Briana-my mom will come home soon from deployment
Isabella-to get mine the dog
David-Please help my cousin Rowin through these rough times.
Jlian-for protection
David-I pray for Mr. Bill, from Greenbrier Church, that his back will heal.
Brianna-I wanna pray for my dad to not drown or die.
Breann-I have a good day at school.
A’Niya-My grandma passed away
Christina-I want God to help me with math.
Sophia-I want to talk to my desat grandma.
Sammy-I pray that my grandma feels good.
Terry-for Jacob, who has liver cancer

Praise the Lord for our first Good News Club at Greenbrier Intermediate School on Friday! We had 31 children in attendance, including many that are unchurched and 2 Palestinian children (Omneyh and Mooman) whose mother did not realize what she had signed them up for, but God clearly knew!
Please pray that, though they may not be back, God’s truth was heard and perhaps those few moments at a Good News Club might make a difference in their eternity.  Of course that is our prayer for all of the children that came!

Shelton Park ASGNC
KylieHelp Grammy get better.Keep my Dad safe on his 9-month deployment
CameronI want to make it to the 3rd grade.
Cole My mom stays with us.

CEF at Corporate Landing ElementaryAfter School Good News Club
Weekly Prayer Requests:
Date of meeting: January 22, 2020
(child’s exact words)
Aiden  –
Aubrey  –
Brandon  –
Brooke  –
Caliana (Cali)  – My pray: little old school and friends.  I miss Annabella
Carlos  – Give everyone grace
Carlina  – Ivan & Kira get better
Evonni  – Mrs. Kim’s nephew (Ivan) and her relative (Keira)
9.  Genesis  –
10. Haileigh  –
11. Hailey  – Fights at home
12. Isabel  – For my sister to get into ATC
13. Jaiden  –
14. Jayden  –
15. Karrissa  – Pray quiet for mom and sister1
16. Kaylena  – for my mom
17. Landen  – fight at home
18. Mah’Niyah  –
19. Martina Jane (TJ) –  Please still pray to my grandpa’s pain and please stop my grandpa’s pain
20. Mason  – I can fly
21. Mia  – My wiggly tooth
22. Robert (JJ) –
23. Rodney  (Matthew) –
24. Ryan  – For my mom to git more work
25. Rylee  –
26. Thomas  –
27. Tristan  –
28. Wesley  –  Additional prayer:  JJ’s mom recently had surgery on her spine and is in a lot of pain.  Please pray for healing and recovery.

Granby ASGNC
Ryleigh I pray that I pass my SOL
Mary Cleara pray for MOM
Rikaya I pray that my family gets bless
Royal help me
Suburban ASGNC
Liam I pray to God for Mr. Jonny and Ms. Linda feel better
Nevaeah God is great
Akira I pray that all my family is good and my cuz is good
Jasmain I hope we do good on the party
Nailah pray for everything
Sasha no more bullies
Jonah . Church family able to help them with groceries this week. Please pray that Jonah will join us again in club
NyPrecious Honor roll, A’s B’s
Terry Mr. Ow
Ziemere My mom is sick
Isaiah To remember quiet time
Mahoganie I love you God
Lauri I wish for a puppy

Providence ASGNC
Students:Jayden – has a cold
Sakura – friend will be safe in South Carolina
Joy – Mom feels better (arm not doing well)
Savannah Weaver – has a good time at church tonight
Alexandria – Mom
Lincoln – praying for everyone to stay healthy
Maria – baby sister to go to Good News Club and learn about Jesus
Preston – thanking God for giving baby brother Joey, two scooters and a bike
Mason – praying for everyone and mom to stay healthy
Stacey – Praying for teacher and classmates to stay healthy
MiKayla – Mom deployed and may extend her time longer than 6 months
Volunteers:Please pray for more volunteers.Sandi Siler nerve pain in her face and travels (we’ve missed her!)

“And they were amazed at His teaching, for His Word was with authority and ability and weight and power.”  Luke 4″32

In Christ Alone,
Barb Schimming

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