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Praise the Lord for Gabrielle Smith’s salvation and recent baptism at Point Harbor Church in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Gabrielle was a member of Northern Shores ASGNC.  Praise the Lord that the seeds planted in these clubs continues to salvation.  Praise Jesus our Lord and Savior and son of the most High Father God!!!
GNC Indian Lakes
Below are prayer requests:
Go to church more   God, please help sick people get better   I love Jesus and my God and my family.

Yoni   I pray to God to bless my family in the Name of the Lord.

Imani   Dear God, I have one question I hope You can answer.  Will you please help my little sister.  She’s very sick.  Thank you God.  I know You          can do it.     Love, Raegan
Thank you all for praying,

Ginny Bellamy

Prayer Request for Fairfield Good News Club

Sufficient volunteers to teach and help at club each week.
Our teacher/volunteers for  wisdom, understanding,  time, health, focus, proper preparation for the club and protection for family and themselves.

The Children would be drawn to club with open hearts and minds.

The children would be saved and grow spiritually.

Children would be diligent in learning their memory verses and working on Quiet Time Quests.

Saved children to have an impact on their parents, siblings and classmates.

Children will be cooperative and respectful to leaders and each other during club.

Children’s requests:
Emery- I wish my Mom wasn’t so stressed and can pay the bills.

Hailey-I pray I will do well and do my best in my gymnastics meet.

Peyton-Mom to feel better soon.

Chloe-Aunt Vicky died

Brendan-Gigi died

Natalie-Mom to feel better soon

Rhaniya-for my Aunt to stay alive because I love her. I cry at night sometimes thinking about her dying.
Sarai- Travis B would be more nice to Emily V.

Anslie-my cousin has cancer and it’s progressing.

Daniel- – kindness toward teachers and classmates.

Xavier- self control with words and actions

Luke- self-control
Leader’s Requests:

Carol- for sister Sherrie’s shingles to clear up and get better.  She is in a lot of pain.

Also for her sister Sue has stage 4 cancer and it is progressing.
Genelda-throbbing tooth pain, nausea and sickness this week.

Prayers that all went well with tooth extraction today and quick recovery.

Randy- prayers for a smooth start for new GNC at Greenbrier Intermediate tomorrow Friday 1/17/2020.

Christina- Recovery from illness and give her good rest.
“And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.”  1 John 5:14
Thank you for your prayers,Sallie Mannix


CEF at Corporate Landing ElementaryAfter School Good News Club
Weekly Prayer Requests:                        Date of meeting: January 15, 2020    (child’s exact words)
Aiden  – Aubrey  – Brandon  – Brooke  –  Caliana (Cali)  – I love a friend and mom from heaven

Carlos  – Give every grace

Carlina  – Evonni gets into ATC please.

Elijah –   Evonni  – I pray for Destiny; she has been going through a lot.

I pray I get into ATC.

10. Genesis  –  Haileigh  – I pray for Pope Hailey  – For my grandma to feel better

Isabel  – I pray for my sister to get in to ATC

Jaiden  –

15. Jayden  –

16. Karrissa  –

17. Kaylena  – For my mom

18. Landen  – have a good afternoon

19. Mah’Niyah  –

20. Martina Jane (TJ) –  Please, pray for my grandpa had pain more but please still pray for him

.21. Mason  – Car

22. Mia  – Evonni gets into ATC

23. Robert (JJ) –

24. Rodney  (Matthew) –

25. Ryan  –

26. Rylee  –

27. Thomas  – any family member to feel better

28. Tristan  –   29. Wesley

Suburban Park GNC Team RosterJan 16, 2019

Blue Team – Juanita/JohnnyLiam Alexander (4) YMCAJordan Fetterman (2)Larry Gray (3)Dalyshia Green (2)Tykecia Jernigan (3)Rozaria Moore (5)Isaac Nuno (1)Nevaeh Vann (1)Green Team – Jan/KarenGrayson H.V. Abate (1) I wish I could have my prize now.

Nailah Barrington (2) Pray for everything

Jasmain Davidson (4) I wish thanks to Jesus

Denver Dixon (2) YMCAElaurah Holmes

(1)Sasha Battle Jenkins (2) No more bullies

Akira Reid (3) I pray that all my family is safe.

Camron Wilson

(3)Orange Team- Lisa B. /DarleneJonah Bibb (2)Ariyana Davidson (4)Desmeria Hardee (3)Dior Johnson (3)Monae Littlejohn (1)Ah’moni Ashley (1)*David G. Ruiz Torres (2)Ashleigh Saunders (1)Demariyah Williams

(3)Red Team – Beth/VirginiaMikya Britt

(2)Ziemere Davidson (2) For my mom. My mom is sick

NyPrecious Faulk

(4)-YMCATerry Felton (5) YMCAMcKenna Jimmerson (3)Jaleiah Johnson (5)Zaden Radlitt

(2)Messiah Rutlitt (3) My mom

Yellow Team – Ann/Ted

Isaiah Battle (5) Remember quiet time

JaHeim Bloodworth (K) YMCAEllie Brittain (3)Kayson Ceasor (3)Malachi L. Donaway  (2)Phillip Doxey, JrMahoganie Faulk (2)  YMCA

Bryson Kelly (2) Dear God, thank yoy for everything. I hope everyone trusts in you.
Lauri I want a LOL doll

Prayer requests from GNC-Greenbriar Intermediate School
These are the prayer requests from 1/18/20-

Morgan, Rhiley-That Mrs. Thompson’s mom will get better and get out of the hospital


Aiden-Please heal me Raine-grandma-she is getting sick

Gabby-Please keep my Dad safe on the boat.

Anna-I want to help my sister because she is pregnant.

Jamal-God protect my goddad.

Julian-keep my dad safe on the ship.

Kaelyn-I pray for my grandmother because she is 109 and she might die.

No name given-to help my mom find a job

Briana-my mom will come home soon from deployment

Isabella-to get mine the dog

David-Please help my cousin

Rowin through these rough times.

Jlian-for protection

David-I pray for Mr. Bill, from Greenbrier Church, that his back will heal.

Brianna-I wanna pray for my dad to not drown or die.

Breann-I have a good day at school.

A’Niya-My grandma passed away

Christina-I want God to help me with math.

Sophia-I want to talk to my desat grandma.

Sammy-I pray that my grandma feels good.

Terry-for Jacob, who has liver cancer

Prayer Requests/Praises for Georgetown Primary’s Good News Club
Prayer Requests:
Hailee – her Dad gets calls during dinner and it distracts from their family time
Fabiana – her Mom’s arm
Connie – those who are sick including her Mom
Sion – his team does well on basketball game
Kendrick – Aunt Reece passed away
Lexie – Cousin, Annabelle, having brain surgery
T’yonna – her brother broke his leg
Rhilee – her Mom went to Louisiana for her Aunt’s funeral and Mom              got sick
Hunter – his presentation got ruined
Makkensie – her friend Maddie’s foot was broken in a trampoline                    accident
Faith – glad she woke up this morning
Lucas – got a B- on his mid-year test             his Mom’s back is doing better             his older brother is better
Kendrick – that he has food to eat
Prayer Requests:
Lexie – cousin and her brain surgery
Fabiana – that her sister will be okay when she goes to Jamaica
Rhilee – her Dad leaving in a month for work and her Mom has              bronchitis
Gaby – has had a headache for the past 2 hours
Hailee – has a bruise on her knee–not sure how it got there
Connie – the homeless
Makkensie – gymnastics meet tomorrow
Lucas – baby Grayson still in and out of the hospital
Sion – that he has a good time in FL in the Spring
Lucas – Mom has been doing well with her back
Kendrick – that he has food, money and health
Adora – that she has clothes to wear
As a Team, we have a Praise that one of the students that seemed disconnected at the beginning had a breakthrough yesterday.  After the Bible lesson, she and other students had many questions.

Granby After School Good News Club (ASGNC)Ryleigh– I hope I get a good grade Haylee– OttoRoyal–help meAutumn– be in peace
Please be in prayer for the following:

ASGNC prayer coordinators

ASGNC around Tidewater

CEF local, state, nation and world wideAll CEF volunteers and  prayer warriors, CEF board, the churches that support CEF locally.

Please pray for Martha J Lynch Wright,  state director for CEF MarylandShe has uterine cancer and underwent surgery on Saturday.

Please be in prayer for God’s providence over her and her family.

Please be in prayer for Sally Holoman’s daughter-in-law as she is battling an aggressive form of cancer.

Sally is one of our volunteers serving the Lord at Creeds Elementary.

Dolly Hearns something troubling me my head chest  area need prayer total deliverance set free from this dolly hearns .  Dolly posted this on the CEF local website please join me in prayer for her to our Lord—-The Great Physician.

“Pointing to his disciples, He said, Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”  Matthew  12:49-50
In Christ Alone,
Barb Schimming

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