Happy Sunday!!! and Happy upcoming New Year
Please continue to pray for the following:
Please pray for Martha J Lynch Wright,  state director for CEF MarylandShe has uterine cancer and underwent surgery on Saturday.  Please be in prayer for God’s providence over her and her family.
Please be in prayer for Sally Holoman’s daughter-in-law as she is battling an aggressive form of cancer.  Sally is one of our volunteers serving the Lord at Creeds Elementary.

Dolly Hearns something troubling me my head chest  area need prayer total deliverance set free from this dolly hearns .  Dolly posted this on the CEF local website please join me in prayer for her to our Lord—-The Great Physician.

Please be in prayer for the following ASGNC:

Georgetown Primary Prayer Requests:  12/20
Fabiana – people who have been injured
Kendrick – Aunt Reece has a blood clot (lives in MI)
Makkensie – her brother has the flu
T’yonna – she has a fever
Praises:  12/20
Sion – having a baby sister in May, 20

“And said, I beseech thee, O LORD God of heaven, the great and terrible God, that keepeth covenant and mercy for them that love Him and observe His commandments:..” Nehemiah1:5

In Christ Alone,
Barb Schimming

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