Happy Sunday!!!
After School Good News Clubs (ASGNC) from around Tidewater:

Providence ASGNC:Hello Prayer Partners!

Praise God this week Ben and Emmalyn made Salvation decisions!
Please continue to pray for them to grow in their faith. Both are unchurched.

Praise new Club Member, Mason!

Stacy – his friend Preston
Preston – his friend Mason and Stacey and also his brothers Ethan, Parker, Joey and Mom and Dad
Lincoln – Mom to stay strong and healthy
Mason – everyone
Jahmer – to get a cute puppy for a pet
Joy – Mom to heal Dad – hand to feel better
Savannah Wheeler – Mom to get better, hurt her back
Savannah Weaver – not to be fearful at daycare
Alexandria – Mom upcoming surgery and health

Mikayla – Mom deployed; please pray for adjustment and family during this time

Volunteers:More volunteers for growing club. Karen to feel better.
Thanks so much for praying!  Hebrews 4:16

Suburban Park GNC Prayer RequestsDec 12, 2019

Blue Team – Juanita/JohnnyJordan Larry Daiyshia Isaac Tykecia
Nevaeh I believe in God
Liam I love god
Green Team – Karen
Jasmain I hope I got a good on my reading test?
Denver God help me with my homework.
Sasha My grandma
Nailah Pray for my family
Akira I pray that I’m healthy
Orange Team- Lisa/Darlene
Ariyana Lord please let us be safe
Dior Me and my Dad will get treated nicely
Ah’moni I want a pas
Monae’ I love God

CEF at Corporate Landing ElementaryAfter School Good News Club
Weekly Prayer Requests:

Date of meeting: Dec 11, 2019    (child’s exact words)
Aiden  – Pray for my dad, he went out of town
Aubrey  – For my uncle
Brandon  –
Brooke  – To leave this place, to go to heaven
Caliana  –
Carlos  – Change my life
Carlina  – My mom was sick…my mom name Shannon
Elijah  – That I have a good basketball year
Evonni  –
Genesis  –
Haileigh  –
Hailey  –
Isabel  –
Jaiden  –
Jayden  – To make the world a better place
Karrissa  – My cousin play fun!
Kaylena  – So we do not get sick
Landen  –
Martina Jane (TJ) –
Mason  –
Nolan  –
Robert (JJ) –
Rodney  (Matthew) –
Ryan  – To bo hele (?)
Rylee  –
Theo  –
Thomas  – To live forever
Tristan  –
Wayne  –
Wesley  –

Luxford ASGNC:

Raven – I want my grandma to feel better.
Dohnivan – That my dad makes it for Christmas. Also, so  my dad is okay while he looks for a house.
Abygail – Please heal my mom because she feels sick.
Brendon – I want for my family to not be sick.
Kayden – My Uncle Joe is very sick.
Eva – I hope that my dog, Grayson is happy in her new home.
Madison – For my mom to forgive me from our argument.

Granby ASGNC:
Ryleigh- I pray for Christmas goes as planned
Mary Cleara- Uncle
Cora- Not to get into a fight
Emma Rose- for my grandpa not to have to have surgery
Athena- For Ashanit to stop being mean to me
Autumn- for mummy or money
Azaria- wants to play basketball
Sienna- God is good

Douglas Park Elementary School ASGNC:
Praise the Lord for 12 Active children in club weekly

The students have requested prayer for the following:
* Help for their families, friends, and community, in general.
* Improved health of family members, including long life for grandparents and sick relatives.
* Knowledge of Jesus for unsaved family and friends.
* Safety for family members and their homes.
* Prayer for their church (apparently undergoing changes and turmoil)
* Thanking God for their homes, parents, family, etc and for all He does
* One child asked for God’s help in fixing the family automobile.

We also have a sister and brother (Amayah and Kawan) who recently lost their father and are struggling to understand  the life and death process, deal with the loss, and deal with the uncertainties of their own future.  Please be in prayer for them.

Norview ASGNC:
Jamia(2)    God please help me find my glasses.
Amayaha(4)    I want prayers for my brother in the Army.
Favour(2)    I want to learn about You, God.J
amiya(3)    I pray for my family and thank anybody in my family. They help me live and survive.
Ozaria(3)    I’m thankful for You, God.
Kaniya(2)    You are so great and what You do is great.

Indian Lakes ASGNC:
Prayer requests  for my family   I’m sorry for the people who died   for my family   mom, dad, cousins, sisters   I wish for a $20 bill   thankful for Pokémon   thankful for YOU (meaning God)   for curing my cough   Dear God, I really need prayer.  I have a headache, a tooth ache, my neck hurts and my tooth hurts   thankful for food   thankful for God   thankful for my family

“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost”.  Romans 15:13
In Christ Alone,
Barb Schimming

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