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Praises and Prayers from Tracy Williams:


Prayers answered…the following new clubs are starting.  GNC will start at Greenbrier Intermediate on January 17th.  GNC at Willard Model in Norfolk will begin in January.  FamilyFoundation Event & Seminary Event brought fruit with two pastors expressing interest.  Woodstock has enough volunteers to begin in January.  BookerT. Washington has enough volunteers to begin in December.  Tracy’s first course through Children’sMinistry Institute is complete.  Five-thousand dollars has been raised for Director’s support.

School Partnership* Tallwood Elementary to be receptive to the ASGNC (ColonialBaptist and Atlantic Shores partnering together to sponsor).
Pastor Travis Bryant has been in communication with principal.
* Trantwood Elementary has interested person, Kathleen Evans, in starting an ASGNC.* W.T. Cooke Elementary to be open to ASGNC with either TrinityChurch at the oceanfront and/or The Gathering @ Scott Memorial United Methodist
* Park Place in Norfolk to be open to ASGNC by TrinityPresbyterian Church (Pastor Jack Howell) by next year.
* Thalia Elementary to beopen to ASGNC by Thalia Lynn Baptistin spring or fall 2020 Church Partnership
* The following churches to see the vision in partnering together to sponsor a ASGNC:
Cornerstone Baptist (Rev.Tim McLendon) at Sherwood Forest Elementary-
Bethany Free Will Baptist (Pastor MarkCrews),
Grace Bible Church,
Princess Anne Plaza Baptist (Rev. DanielMacKey),
Ocean View Church(Pastor Aaron),
NewCovenant (Pastor Jeff Elliott),
Nansemond River Baptist, Dr. Fullayter will be able to raise awareness of CEF in church and thru contacts,
VBCC (Pastor Robb Esperat)and First Baptist Church of Suffolk.
* Hickory Elementary School is interested in ASGNC & trying to connect with local church,
Discover Church Pastor Rob Vincent.*
The following ASGNC’s would be sponsored:
Booker T. Washington and Truitt
* Diamond Springs Baptist Church,
Pastor Kelly Darnell interested inBayside Elementary for school year 2020* Crosswater Presbyterian Church (Pastor Dan Kerley) @ StonebridgeChristian School is interested in beginning a club in February at either EdwinChittum or Southwestern.
* KPC to sponsor Kempsville Meadows school year 2020*
Grace Presbyterian of Chesapeake (Pastor Bob Willets) @ TCC interested and speaking to his church for club at Deep Creek Central (principalattends church) or Cedar Rd.  * Church in Norfolk (Angel Masters) has interest and attended a GNCw/another pastor.* Hillcrest Baptist Church (Pastor Ricky Garza) has 3 members interested.
Volunteers* All clubs are well staffed as some short workers and some clubs are looking at closing as a result (Booker T. Washington,Hermitage, Northern Shores, Truitt and Woodstock). *
All the ASGNC volunteers would be equipped, encouraged and filled with theHoly Spirit during the excitement and business of the holidays.
* Volunteers will complete necessary child protection policy requirements for December deadline.*
Sparrow Road Int. volunteers and Willard Model volunteers will complete requirements to begin clubs. CYIA* At least 6 teens for 2020 CYIA. Staff/Committee* Funds to come in to support the work of CEF.  Hire a part-time secretary in the near future.* District Team Leaders: Barb Patton, Stephanie Foley and Susan Chapman as they make contacts with churches and volunteers and completing required paperwork for clubs and volunteers.  * New Hire for DTL* More Godly men/women to join local CEF Committee.
* Tracy Williams as she visits churches to establish support and contacts for the ministry. * More monthly givers toward Director’s support.* Joe and Pam Mannix as they spend many hours volunteering daily with CEF to complete behind the scene items.
* CYIA Coordinator for this summer FutureEvents*
Portsmouth Christian Schools presentation on December 5th* Northern Shores Meeting on December 15th*
Start second CMI course on January 14th* Quick Start Training on January 25th International*
Access to North Korea to reach boys and girls with the gospel.
* Doubling children reached in 3years from 22 million to 45 million, adding 1,600 workers

Praises and Prayers from around Tidewater After School Good News Clubs (ASGNC)

Crestwood Intermediate
Here is our latest prayer requests.
Thank you for your heart for this ministry.
prayer requests: Good News ClubKayla- Can you pray for my Grandpa and Grandma because I don’t want my Grandpa and Grandma to get sick.Skylar- My little sister and Mom were sick and I want them to get better
Jemimah- to improve in my test (Just moved here from Africa)
Isabella- I twisted my ankle
Catherine- to try not to be sad about my grandma that died on Sunday.

Mary Cleara: pray for Mom and Dad
Abigail: Ask for prayers about her brothers who don’t listen to her and barge into her room.  She wishes she had a sister.
Cora: to remember to bring her Bible
JaRay: my Mom has a baby in her tum
EmmaRose: my Grandad for his surgery
Autumn: my Mom
Athena: my cats

Providence Elementary
Hello Prayer Partners,
Please continue to pray for each one of the children to call on the name of the Lord and be saved and for those that already have to continue to grow!  🙂
Children Requests:
Savannah – Mom has vertigo
Joy – cat died
Jayden – Joy to get a new cat;
Dad’s blood pressure to go down
Kalae – trip to Washington DC, FL, and Hawaii
Preston – thanks the Lord for helping his mom not fall
Stacey – thanks the Lord for his blessings to give him a toy
Maria – Grandma to stay strong and healthy
Lincoln – Dad will stay healthy
Abagail – brother, Levi to be cured of croup
No Name – help me make the right choices and hang around the right people
Alexandria – Mom is sick
Aaliyah – family to get along
Camilla – Mom’s knee to get better
Volunteers:Praise for new volunteer, Margie Buck to begin in January
Dawn – son’s wrist bone to heal correctly from surgery

Fairfield Good News Club

Sufficient volunteers to teach and help at club each week.
Our teacher/volunteers for wisdom, understanding, personal schedules, time, health, focus, proper preparation for the club and protection for family and themselves.
The Children would be drawn to club with open hearts and minds.
The children would be saved and grow spiritually.
Children would be diligent in learning their memory verses and Quiet Time Quests.
Saved children to have an impact on their parents, siblings and classmates.
Children’s requests:
Rhaniya- One of the people in my church will have a good kidney surgery.
Hailey- I pray that no one will go hungry.
Pray that Mr. Koger’s wife, Debbie will be ok and everything will be ok.
Chloe- I will be faithful to God.
David- That my Mom and Dad won’t get a divorce.
Nadia- Help my Dad in heaven.
Emma- My Mommy’s Mommy died. (Grandmother)
Nathan- That my Grandpa gets here soon.
Emery- I wish that my brother is happy in heaven
Arshia- ??-  My Grandpa Carl had accident and died a long time ago.
Emma- Dad’s sister was in a car accident
Peyton- I hope Michael comes to visit us.
Aamir- Thank God for His Love
Adam- Help me stay focused in class and complete my work.

Leader’s Requests:
Sallie- Safe solo travel to Lynchburg/Liberty  to visit Erin on Fri and Sat.
Randy- Prayer for wife (Debbie) follow up with liver specialist.
Carol and Paul- good health and safe travels during holiday for both  and mission trip in January
Carol.Genelda- safe travel and good health before, during and after her trip to see family in Colorado this week.    Quick and complete healing of her foot from recent surgery.
Sharon- praise she is feeling better.
Thank you for your prayers!

Here are Luxford’s  student prayer requests for this week:

Kayden – Please pray for my brother, Jorden. He is very sick. He is on the verge of pneumonia.
Kaiden – My mom is having a baby.
Dante – I hope that my mom has a baby.
Madison – That I can sleep better!
Brenden – My mom and dad are sick.
Eva – I hope that my old dog stays happy in her new home.
Makayla – Heal my mom from vertigo and help her feel better.
Dohnivan – That my dad soon gets a house and that we have enough food for the next year.
Eden – Please recover my mommy from her cold.
Jordyn – I pray for my family.

Praise reports – 6 children received Jesus this past week in club! Praise the Lord (PTL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norview Elementary
05 Dec 2019
Corey(4)    I’m thankful for xbox.
Aidan(2)    My grades.
Nesta(2)    I pray everyone has a wonderful Christmas.
Jamia(2)    God, I love you. I need to visit you one day, Love, Jamia.
Jamiya(4)    I thank my family and everyone who takes care of me.
Catalina    Pray for all of the boys and girls in CEF for peace and understanding.
Josiah(4)    I am thankful for this planet.
Ozaria(3)    I love God so much.

Corporate Landing Elementary
Weekly Prayer Requests:                        Date of meeting: Dec 4, 2019
(child’s exact words)
Aiden  – firefitter
Aubrey  – Chad is in a wilche (?)
Brandon  – Family to be safe and to my father to stay home more often
Brooke  –  Caliana  – My prayer for my mom name Shannon, was sick
Carlos  –  Carlina  – I get my two C’s up and I practice algebra to pass the exams for an academy
Elijah  – To have a good basketball year
Evonni  – I pray I get my 2 C- to go up.  I also pray for crisy! I pray for my nonbeliever friends to put their faith in God and seek him again.
10. Genesis  –  Haileigh  – Gise has did (?) Hailey  – My techers dad is in the hospitle
Isabel  – I pray for my friend Lucy in New York and my family. I pray for my moms friend.
14. Jaiden  –  15. Jayden  – For life to be a peaceful place and no fighting and let the world be at rest
16. Karrissa  – Pray for my family
17. Kaylena  – To not git sick
18. Landen  – Thank you for being my frind
19. Mah’Niyah  – For my family to be safe
20. Martina Jane (TJ) –
21. Mason  – I pray to fli and to be prt of my frens famley
22. Mia  – Daddy / Chrissy
23. Nolan  –
24. Robert (JJ) –  Help my mom get better
25. Rodney  (Matthew) – papa  mom is sick
26. Ryan  – I hop mi mom to git mor mone
27. Rylee  – Everyone have a good Christmas
28. Theo  – Family to be safe
29. Thomas  – For me to live forever
30. Tristan  –
31. Wayne  –

Indian Lakes Elementary
to be tall to reach things (from Imani)
God loves everyone and me  to stop coughing a lot  help my family and friends  my mom to care for me  to help me pass all the levels in my teeny titans teen titans go game  pizza coupon I got for Book-it.  Thankful  help my grandma have a good second life  God can save us from dark and I’m glad
Bless you all who pray for these little ones,
“For with God nothing shall be impossible. And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy Word.  And the angel departed from her.”  Luke 1:37-38
In Christ Alone,
Barb Schimming

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