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CEF at Corporate Landing ElementaryAfter School Good News Club

Weekly Prayer Requests:
Date of meeting: Nov 20, 2019    (child’s exact words)
Aiden – Aubrey – Brandon Brooke – to my brother to stop blaking outCarlina – I hope my knee gets better
Carlos – thank you God for my family, for my life
Elijah – I get MVP in my basket make the courthouse team
Evonni – I pray I get into the OLHS Math and Science Academy
Haileigh –  Hailey –
Isabel – That everything goes well
10. Jaiden – to get my game back
11. Jayden –
12. Kaylena – so my family does not get sick
13. Laci –
14. Landen –
15. Martina Jane (TJ) – My grandpa has pain his hand. Please pray for him.
16. Mason G – 17. Mason –
18. Mia Adkins –
19. Nolan –
20. Robert (JJ) – Hope my mom feels better her back hurts
21. Rodney (Matthew) –
22. Ryan – for my mom to git mor money
23. Rylee –
24. Theo – Get iPhone 11; and that my prayers work
25. Thomas – I want to live forever
26. Tristan – for homeless pepole to have homes
27. Wayne – Moving to a new house next week
28. Wesley –

Prayer Requests:
Le’Yonna – Grandma’s eyes
Makkensie – would like a new bike for Christmas
Abigail – that her Grandma is able to come from Indiana for Christmas
Gaby – one of her friends is having to go to the hospital frequently
Lexie – her sister was in the ER for nine hours
Hannah – that her Mom doesn’t get into any more fights
Sion – going to SC for Thanksgiving
Kendrick – cousin Reece has cancer
Lucas – he’s not sure baby Grayson is doing any better; continued prayers
Connie – has a family member very ill in the hospital
Isaiah – that his Dad returns soon (in the Navy)
Aidyen – hopes he doesn’t get beaten up by his brother
T’yonna – cousin had foot surgery
Hunter – his health is improving

Haylee prayers for her Granneyy
Emma Rose prayers for grandpa to feel better
Autumn prayers for her friend

” And the whole multitude of the people were praying without at the time of the incense.”Luke 1:10
In Christ Alone,
Barb Schimming

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