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Praises from our local coordinator Tracy Williams:
Praises:Greenbrier Intermediate is welcoming the GNC (sponsored by First Baptist of Norfolk) back this year.  It should start in January. Woodstock has enough volunteers signed up to continue for this year.  Suburban Church is the sponsoring church.Booker T. Washington has enough volunteers to continue.
New Prayers: Several churches (Bethany Free Will Baptist-Sherwood Forest Elem, Norfolk; London Bridge Baptist-Holland & Christopher Farms Elem, VA Beach; Diamond Springs Baptist-Bayside Elem. VA Beach; Grace Presbyterian of Chesapeake-Deep Creek Central) have expressed interest.  Praying that God will rise up volunteers within the churches and schools will be receptive to a GNC.Please be in prayer for the hearts of people in our community to be receptive to the leading of the Holy Spirit of our Most High God to learn about the wonderful ministry of CEF Tidewater and to give how the Holy Spirit leads.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

In Christ Alone,  Barb Schimming

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”  I Thessalonians 5:18

Suburban Park GNC Prayer RequestsNov 21, 2019

Blue Team – Juanita/Johnny Jordan I know that god loves us.Nevaeh I trust god to keep me safe.
Green Team – Karen Grayson God is in control
Jasmain Thank you for special things in this earth
Elaurah I wish for a dog
Camron God will be nice to me all dayNailah I pray for my family
Orange Team- Lisa/DarleneDior My dog will come back
Demariyah I pray for Brock to be my friend.
Monae’ Everyone to stay safely in their homes
Red Team – Beth/VaZiemere My mom don’t have a car
Messiah My dog
Ny’Precious Stop mom from fussing
Zaden For God to show who he is to
Zaden’s Dad. Who is in jail.
Yellow Team – Ted/AnnIsaiah
To remember my quiet time Ellie My mother
Kayson God help me with everything
Bryson We all should trust in the lord.
Jaheim Pray for my mom

Norview Elementary Good News Club

14 Nov 2019
Princess(4)    I wish for a wonderful life.
Amayaha(4)     Keep my brother safe.
Jamia(2)       God you are my saver. I pray to you.
Ozaria(3)      Love you God.

Providence After School Good News Club
Lincoln-his friend Nicholas
– his cousin
Preston-his family
– he thanks Jesus for chocolate and ice cream
Stacey-he thanks God for pizza
Jammer-his sister
Maria-her mom
Camilla-her mom’s friend that died
– for herself for her throat to feel better
Kambry-her friend Zach to get better
Melina-her mom to change her mind
Savannah- for the homeless
Mikayla- her mom her ship #74 deployed for 6 months
Joy-her nana’s back feel better
Levi-uncle gets better
Kalae-her dog Maka that she is having fun in heaven
Jenesis-her grandma who is in the hospital with heart seizures
Noah C-pray for his family because they still don’t know what they are doing for Thanksgiving and might not have one as usual

Sandra- her shot will work for her backClub volunteers

Georgetown After School Good News Club
For the week of 11/15/19, the following Prayer Requests and Praises were collected:
Prayer Requests:Allison – her brother may join the Army
Hailey – her Grandma has to wear a knee brace
Aidyn – he doesn’t want to have to walk to 7-11 on the way home
Hannah – her Mom got in a fight and has a black eye
Makkensie – to do well on her test
Abigail – for her friend to feel better
Sion – good grades to come
Lucas – Grayson (new baby) had surgery but still having issues (heart)
Connie – safety for her family
Praises:Kendrick – Superintendent’s honor roll
Lucas – Principal’s honor roll
Lucas – his Mom continuing to recover from surgery–feeling better all the time
Connie – cousin’s wife had a baby
Noah – thankful for the day

Fairfield After School Good News Club
*Thankful for the many answered prayers this week
. *We had 48 in attendance.
23 children returned their “Quiet Time Quest” and memorized their Bible verse!
*Excited to have Christina and Kylah (Mother and daughter; also a former GNC student  ) join our GNC Team.

Kids Requests:Anna… Thank God for a beautiful world and for the people he made
Emery… help my uncle and his new life
Silas… good news club is about God
Daniel C… Thank you for the snack I love you
Tristan… Hope my mom and sister do not quit the job
Maya…My uncle to feel better so he can get out of the hospital.

Leader’s Requests:Carol… Suzette to have her insurance appeal approved.
Sallie/Stephen… Praise God for His great faithfulness.
Praying specifically for 5 more helpers to allow us to have smaller Small Groups.
Traci…. Good health
Sharon….peace and good health
Randy and 1st Baptist Norfolk GNC team… praise- preparing to go into Greenbrier Intermediate with the Good News.
Brianna….hurt her foot and getting PT.
Prayers for quick healing.  Evelyn… Healing from painful contact dermatitis and to figure out what caused it.
Thank you for your prayers,Sallie Mannix

Granby Prayer Roster

Nov. 19, 2019
Blue Team Niasha (1) – God -Ryleigh (4)I pray that I get a new house and a big back yard
Haylee  (3) – I want to move to my hometown.-Kenneth (2)-Mary Cleara (3)- Mom DadMom DadAbigail  (5)  Make him stop (classmate bothering her)

Green Team Devon (1)-Rikaya (3) – I hope Cora stop being mean to me.-Christian (3) -Cora  (3) – To have better gards(?)To control myself better.JaRay  (4) – Family-Ja’Ani (1)

-Red Team Royal (2)-EmmaRose  (3)My Papa He is having surgeryAutumn  (2)-Athena  (3) – My cats and basketball.My catsAzaria (3) – I can help them.-Sienna (1) –  I love God.-

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