Happy Sunday!!!
Praises to the Lord of the Harvest!!!
Four precious children prayed to receive Jesus Christ this past week:
Dior and Demariyah from Suburban Park After School Good News Club
Eliana and Noah from Providence After School Good News Club
Praise the Lord!!!!!!
Please continue to pray for…

The following GNC’s will be church-sponsored:
Booker T. Washington and Truitt Intermediate.

The following churches are interested in sponsoring ASGNC for this year:
Woodland Heights Baptist (Sparrow Road Int.)
Thalia Lynn Baptist Church (Thalia Elementary).

Pray for open doors with all volunteers completing background checks and schools being receptive.

The following churches are interested in sponsoring ASGNC for next year:
Trinity Presbyterian Church (Park Place, Norfolk)
Pray for church partnership, team of committed volunteers, school’s openness.

The following clubs will be well staffed as they are short workers and some clubs may close as a result:
Booker T. Washington
Indian Lakes
Northern Shores
Thoroughgood Marshall

All individuals who have agreed to volunteer will complete background requirements and necessary paperwork in a timely manner to begin in October.

Future Events:
State Staff Meeting October 28th
CEF’s World Day of Prayer November 6
Presentation at pastoral event for the Family Foundation of VA rescheduled for November 7
At least 6 teens for 2020


Praying for Fairfield Good News Club
Praise- Beginning our 11th year at Fairfield ElementaryWe had 42 attend our first GNC for the year.For our wonderful Team of faithful volunteers

Pray for:Good relationship between school staff (i.e. principals, teachers, etc.) and The GNC team members.Sufficient volunteers to teach and help at club each week.Our teacher/volunteers for wisdom, understanding, personal schedules, time, health, focus, proper preparation for the club and protection for family and themselves.The Children would be drawn to club with open hearts and minds.The children would be saved and grow spiritually.Children would be diligent in learning their memory verses and Quiet Time Quests.Saved children to have an impact on their parents, siblings and classmates.

Suburban Park GNC Prayer RequestsOct. 24, 2019

Blue Team – Juanita/JohnnyDaiyshia I love my family. I love god for my life and family to be blessed.Tykecia I hope that I can get a table.

Green Team – Karen Grayson I want a teddybearJasmain about having help with writing.Denver God can you help me with getting milk.Elaurah I wish for a puppySasha My uncleNailah My Family

Orange Team- Lisa/DarleneAriyana
I love being in the Good News Club. Thank you
Dior Prayed to receive Christ I wish everyone will have good luck.
Ashleigh pray for comfort for a church friends family ( about passing )
Demariyah Prayed to receive Christ

Red Team – Beth/VaZiemere my mom is sick and her tooth hurts.McKenna My parents
Yellow Team – Ted/AnnIsaiah to remember my verse Ellie For my familyPhillip Ms. BBryson Jesus is God who made you

Providence Elementary Good News Club Prayer Requests

Hello Prayer Partners,

Once again we praise God for the opportunity to share the Gospel with these precious children!
This week Eliana and Noah prayed to receive Christ – Praise the Lord!
Jenesis came back to talk because feels she needs to repeatedly ask the Lord into her life.
Please pray for Ben, Maria and Skylar who came back with guestions too.

Children’s Prayer Requests:
Kalae:  for a great school year and for everyone to be safeAbagail:  Mom having medical test
Savannah:  pray for dad to go back to church
Channing:  baby sister is sick
Silas:  broken wrist to get better
Becca:  Great Grandma will remember things
Noah: my cousin doesn’t have to go to prison
Anna:  Mom’s arm to be better and cat will not dieTo be good in schoolGood time at Good News Club
Volunteer Prayer Requests:
Praise the Lord for Debbie Thomas’ new granddaughter born on 10/22/19!!!
Please be in prayer for Sandi Siler and painful nerve flare up in her face.God’s provision for more volunteers
Thank you for praying!  Can’t wait to see how God is going to continue to move and work in the lives of these children!  Hebrews 4:16
Joyfully,Dawn Ganthner

Luxford ASGNC
Here are the prayer requests for this past week.
1. Ty – please let my mom have the baby.
2. Leah – I pray for the homeless to find a home.
3. Makayla – for my new dog to be nice.
4. Kayden – my brother Jordan. He’s on the verge of pneumonia.
5. Kaiden – I pray that my mom finishes the shots so we can have more kids in the house.
6. Eva – for my aunt who has cancer to get cured.
7. My mom doesn’t have a job. God please help my mom get a job.
8. Eden – Please help my dad find a new home if he doesn’t have one.
9. Kiely – I wish that my cat’s cancer goes away.1
0. Ciana – Please help my aunt with her sickness.
11. Zoey – I wish my grandma to have a happy life so she doesn’t have to watch a lot of kids and her dog is more loveable.
12. Aliana – I want my friends to be nice to me.
13. Dohnivan – for my dad to get a house soon and for me getting a cough.
14. Abygail – Please heal my dad because my dad has a bad cough.
15. Raven – I want my friends to be nice.
16. Jordyn – my mom works hard.
These prayers are so sincere and precious!Thank you.
Susan Chapman

Granby Prayer Roster 2019-20Oct 22, 2019

Blue Team Niasha (1)Ryleigh (4)- I pray I don’t mess up at the play I’m in.Haylee  (3)Kenneth (2)Mary Cleara (3)Abigail  (5) Stop my parents fiting (fighting)

Green Team (Kitty/Darlene)Devon (1)Rikaya (3) Christian (3) – LoveCora  (3) –That my Mom is better no her self (to her self?)JaRay  (4) – My work, my Mom, my family.Ja’Ani (1) God is my foadr (Father?) to me.

Red Team (Suzie/Frank)Royal (2)EmmaRose  (3) Autumn  (2)- House (need for a house)Athena  (3) Azaria (3)
Shelton Park Prayer Requests
KylieCan you please help me stay on task in the classroom? Amen
AnthonyMake me a better person.
RosaCheese and food.
GavinHelp heal my right wrist.
CyrilI hope Miss Baker has good time as a teacher.
JadonI need help with homework.
AnastasiaMake my sister not snitch as much.For my dad and mom to let me have another cat.
CameronPraying for all my teachers to do a good job.
SavannahTo stop fighting with my sister.

Fairfield Elementary Good News Club for October 22, 2019

Prayer List:

Sarai-pray grandma feels better since her sister died

Daniel Carlisle-I love God..You are the best !

Anslie-sister arm gets better , she broke it

Kenny Buechner-for his mom to be safe

Emma- my dad in Atlanta

Luke- win this last baseball game

Misha-My Aunt (?) died

Silas-I love God

Andre- to listen and respect

Trystan-Please make so I do not say I want to die, Amen

Trey-to bless God

Titus- that I will be a good boy

Emma Clark-Stormy ( the bunny) died from a storm and is now in heaven

Emmanuella- for nmy sister to feel better and for God to forgive my sins.

Adam-for everyone not to have a painful death

Keilah Brown-for my sister, Misha, to be better

Kyree-for everyone to have a good life

Levi-safe trip home from GNC

Carissa Williams-miss her grandma in heaven

Caroline Mitchell- keep her family safe

Amir-pray for nice birthday

Brody Smith-Please make me have a good life

Peyton Jackson-grandma hurts

Brenan- God is Good

??? – Mom is sick

Brielle- Hard day at school

Natalie-Grandma is sick

Nadia-God is great, God is Good

Judah– to win my last baseball game

Jaden-to win 2 more baseball games

Kennedy Davis- I hpe my mom feels better
“Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah ”  Psalms 32:7

In Christ Alone,

Barb Schimming

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