Happy Sunday !!!

Prayers answered…
ASGNC at Douglass Park Elementary begins October 30th.
ASGNC at Corporate Landing begins November 6th.
Have a group of 6 volunteers from First Baptist who have completed background check requirements and are ready to begin a new club at Southeastern Elementary, Chesapeake.
Continue to pray for open doors from principal and school.
Prayer Coordinators are being assigned at ASGNC.

Please continue to pray for…
The following GNC’s will be church-sponsored:
Booker T. Washington and Truitt Intermediate.
The following churches are interested in sponsoring ASGNC for this year:
Woodland Heights Baptist (Sparrow Road Int.)
Thalia Lynn Baptist Church (Thalia Elementary).
Pray for open doors with all volunteers completing background checks and schools being receptive.

The following churches are interested in sponsoring ASGNC for next year:
Trinity Presbyterian Church (Park Place, Norfolk)
Pray for church partnership, team of committed volunteers, school’s openness.

The following clubs will be well staffed as they are short workers and some clubs may close as a result:
Booker T. Washington
Indian Lakes
Northern Shores
Thoroughgood Marshall

All individuals who have agreed to volunteer will complete background requirements and necessary paperwork in a timely manner to begin in October.

Future Events:
CEF informational table at seminary event at Colonial Baptist on October 24
State Staff Meeting October 28th
CEF’s World Day of Prayer November 6
Presentation at pastoral event for the Family Foundation of VA rescheduled for November 7
At least 6 teens for 2020 CYIA

Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do!!” What an amazing first week of Good News Clubs at Granby and Sub Park! 11 clubbers at Granby and 25 at Sub Park! Club at Sub Park went so amazingly smooth on Thursday, and the clubbers were so attentive, I’m still in awe!! It was almost like the GNC training video!   (My leaders will understand that!) What an incredible group of leaders at both schools. God is working, my CEF family. Keep praying! Would love to keep growing the team and clubbers, particularly at Granby.  Barb P.
The following are the children’s prayer requests from this week:

Suburban Park GNC Prayer Requests
Oct. 17, 2019

Jasmain Pray my siblings
Denver I love God and I wish that you help me color.
Sasha My family
Nailah Mom and Dad
Ariyana Thank god for tel me be in the good news club. Thank you.
Dior I wish everyone had good luck
Ashleigh My aunt died. My kitty died.
Ziemere Grandma only walks a little bit. Prayer for her healing
McKenna My dogs
Jaleiah I pray that my mom stays safe going around the city
Messiah My brother
Isaiah I want to thank god for all his doing
Ellie My mom is sick
Phillip Ms B Prayed to receive Christ . PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mahoganie I love you god and my family

Granby Prayer Roster 2019-20Oct 15, 2019

Blue Team (Nancy/Ruth Anne)
Niasha (1)Ryleigh (4)- I pray I get a new house.
Haylee  (3) I wasn’t my Grandpa to be better
Kenneth (2)Mary Cleara (3) MomAbigail  (5) My Dad

Green Team (Kitty/Darlene)
Devon (1)Rikaya (3) I pray my Dad gets better because he broke his arm.Christian (3) For my club.Cora  (3) For my Dad to do better in life.
JaRay  (4) My Mom has a baby in stomach Dad in jail ☹

Red Team (Suzie/Frank)
Royal (2)EmmaRose  (3) That Abigail can be on the red teamAutumn  (2)- For peopleAthena  (3) To keep my family safe
Azaria (3)

Donna — Pray that everybody in my family stays safe.
Nevaeh — Pray that everybody in my family stays safe.
Lilly — Pray for a good year.
Isobel — Pray for friends and for God to heal.
Delilah — Pray for my family.
Brylan — Ask God to bless his friend Payton.
Cailyn — Pray that Jesus protects the animals.
Paul — Pray to be safe.
Unknown — Pray that my grandma feels better.
Unknown — Pray for my family because my aunt died yesterday.
Unknown — Pray that my dog finds a new and better home.
Unknown — Pray that my dog Pumpkin lives a happy last two years.
Request for Rosemont Forest GNC — Please pray that everything runs smoothly while we have several volunteers traveling.

Norview Elementary Good News Club has started. 24 weeks of bible study and fun! Sponsored by Norview Baptist Church.  Praise the Lord

Providence AFTER SCHOOL GOOD NEWS CLUB (ASGNC)Praying for all these sweet children this year to come to know the Lord if they don’t already know him and to feel His love and presence through all of us at Good News Club!! Also, praying specifically for the needs they shared with us on Tuesday!! It was a good first day, God is so good to give us this opportunity!!

GEORGETOWN PRIMARY AFTER SCHOOL GOOD NEWS CLUB (ASGNC)For our 2nd Good News Club of the school year which was on Friday, October 11th, 2019, the following Prayer Requests and Praises were taken:
Prayer Request:Hailey – for her Grandma to stop having heart attacks; family was visiting her on Saturday
Hannah – Dad is having surgery
Fabiana – that her Grandma gets better–diagnosed with Cancer
Hunter – teacher had a baby–both are good and he hopes teacher can return to school soon (Prayer and Praise)
Faith – that everyone wakes up tomorrow
Le’yonna – Dad was in a car accident but was not hurt (Prayer AND Praise)
Makkensie – that she does well in her gymnastics meet
Rhilee – traveling mercies for her Dad
James – worried there may be illness in his family; wants his sister and him to be safe
Praise:Isaiah – thankful that God saves us from our sins
Aideyn – sister picking him up after school
James – new nephew!
“Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.” Jude 1:24-25
In Christ Alone,
Barb Schimming

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