Happy Sunday !!!
Prayers answered…
1.  Portsmouth Public Schools has responded positively to our request with the go ahead
to start a second club at Douglass Park Elementary. Please continue to pray for the
start-up of that club at this new school and for all (administration, teachers, students
and families) to be greatly impacted.
2.  Principal at Corporate Landing has given the go ahead to start the club on November 6.
Please continue to pray as this will be a brand new club with new volunteers.
3.  Woodstock is being funded and co-sponsoring church is Suburban Church. Pray for a
team to be brought together.
4.  Have a group of 5 volunteers from First Baptist who have completed background check
requirements and are ready to begin a new club at a school to be determined by
church (considering Southeastern Elementary, Chesapeake).

Please continue to pray for…
The following GNC’s will be church-sponsored:
1.  Booker T. Washington and Truitt
2.  Intermediate.

The following churches are interested in sponsoring ASGNC for this year:
1.  Woodland Heights Baptist (Sparrow Road Int.) and Thalia Lynn Baptist Church (Thalia Elementary).
2.  Pray for open doors with all volunteers completing background checks and schools
being receptive.

The following churches are interested in sponsoring ASGNC for next year: Trinity Presbyterian Church (Park Place, Norfolk). Pray for church partnership, team of committed volunteers, school’s openness.

Pray The following clubs will be well staffed as they are short workers. Some clubs may
close as a result of not enough volunteers
Booker T. Washington
Indian Lakes
Northern Shores

Please pray that All individuals who have agreed to volunteer will complete background requirements and necessary paperwork in a timely manner to begin in October.

Please pray for these Future Events:

Presentation at pastoral event for the Family Foundation of VA on October 3-cancelled but rescheduled for November 7.
CEF informational table at seminary event at Colonial Baptist on October 24,2019
State Staff Meeting October 28 2019
CEF’s World Day of Prayer November 6
Pray for 6 teens for 2020 CYIA

Praise and Prayer from After School Good News Clubs (ASGNC) around Tidewater:
I am not certain of ASGNC but submitted by Bethany Crowley
J.P.-help with writing.
Liliana-help with riding her bike.
Ariana-get put of the house on weekends.
Beckham-help with school.

Kilby Shores ASGNC
submitted by Don Thompson

Kilby Shores has finally begun  wow a lot of work getting this  set up and greatly appreciate all the prayers from fellow CEF Staff members and physical support.
Our club is small (5) and these kids are eager and already engagedHowever their knowledge of Scripture and of Jesus Christ is very very limited.
We have begun already with  the 1st lesson memory verse and have given each child a bible and high lighted the memory verse in their new bible
Our only prayed requests this week comes from our team volunteers that Our Savior will give us  the wisdom and strength to reach these children in a biblical way & at their level so that they will come to accept Him as their own SaviorAlso give the team strength and not loose focus in the days ahead as we have team members coming from Newport New Shipyard area and Norfolk Naval Base Areas so the traffic can be quiet discouraging.
As time goes on Im sure the kids will learn from our Lessons  “God Keeps His Promises” and will soon be  providing prayer requests
more to follow in the weeks ahead

Georgetown Primary ASGNC
submitted by Christine Cullins
For our 1st club on Friday, October 4th, the following Prayer Requests and Praises were gathered:
Prayer Requests:
Kendrick – boy his Mom babysits, Addacus, has a hole in his heart
Sion – his Mom is ready for another baby–has had two miscarriages
Jaxon – Grandma has been bedridden for 3 years
Abigail – “Miss” Lisa who has cancer; they drive her to church
Tiyana – Dad has been missing a lot of work because he’s been feeling bad
Amber – that her little brother has a good 2nd birthday
Makkensie – 10/27 gymnastics meet
Le’yonna – Pop Pop turning 60 something – praying for better health for him
Praises:Aideyn – his parent is coming to get him after school
Rhilee – Dad coming home from business trip today (Friday)
Sion – neighbor had new baby

“Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.” Ephesians 6:18

In Christ Alone

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