Happy Sunday!!!Praise The Lord for His faithfulness, grace, mercy, and Love
Please continue to pray for…
The following GNC’s will be church-sponsored:

Booker T. Washington,

Truitt Intermediate


The following churches are interested in sponsoring ASGNC for this year:

First Baptist (Southwestern), T

halia Lynn Baptist Church (Thalia Elementary)

Individual Corporate Landing (program for hearing impaired).

Continue to pray Thoroughgood and Hermitage will have 2 more volunteers each.

Pray for open doors with all volunteers completing background checks and schools being receptive.

Calvary Evangelical Baptist in Portsmouth wants to open second club praying for God to open the door to the right school.
The following clubs will be well staffed as they are short workers and clubs may close as a result:

Booker T. Washington

Indian Lakes

Northern Shores Woodstock

Pray that all the 33 volunteers will complete background requirements and necessary paperwork in a timely manner to begin in October 2019.
Future Events:

CEF informational table at seminary event at Colonial Baptist on October 24

State Staff Meeting October 28 th

CEF’s World Day of Prayer November 6

At least 6 teens for 2020 CYIA

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

In Christ Alone,


Barb Schimming

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