Happy Sunday !!! 

Please continue to Praise the Lord and pray for the standing prayer requests.



Prayers answered…Cheryl Oetting is back to work at CEF Headquarters and is doing well. Her last MRI showed no trace of brain tumor. Her prayer is for a return of balance.

Praise…1005 children were reached through ASGNC this current school year (2018-2019) with 116 children being saved in 33 clubs.  Almost 300 volunteers reaching public school children and their families with the gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ our Savior.  New principal at Luxford Elementary is welcoming GNC.  Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon came together, and it was a wonderful day of celebration.  Rebecca Mayberry is the new team leader for Rosemont Forest Elementary, and Debbie Thomas is the new team leader for Providence.  Praise for Stephanie leading Arrowhead Elementary.   June 23rd presentation at Biltmore Baptist congregation went well, and  June 30th presentation at Cornerstone Baptist Church went well.  Tracy’s grandmother has made great improvement. Dan Rattz has joined committee.  Moving forward with hiring new DTL.


Church and School Partnership

* Tallwood Elementary to be receptive to the GNC ® (Colonial Baptist wants to sponsor second GNC), but need a team of volunteers and team leader.  Indian Lakes Elementary to provide better exposure of GNC to the students.  Trantwood Elementary has interested person in starting a GNC, Kathleen Evans.

* The following churches to see the vision in partnering together to sponsor a GNC: Suburban Church (not in fall but later date), Cornerstone Baptist (Rev. Tim McLendon) at Sherwood Forest Elementary School, Portsmouth Christian Schools/Biltmore Baptist Church, Grace Bible Church, Princess Anne Plaza Baptist (Rev. Daniel MacKey) and Ocean View Church (Pastor Aaron), Temple Baptist (Pastor Mack Scott) to co-sponsor Willard Model, New Covenant (Pastor Jeff Elliott) to provide volunteers for Indian Lakes Elem (need of volunteers), Nansemond River Baptist to provide team leader for Northern Shores Elem, Dr. Fullayter will be able to provide additional volunteers for Woodstock Elem, Creeds Elementary needs additional full time volunteers,

* The following GNC’s would be sponsored:  Willard Model, Booker T. Washington and Shelton Park Elementary School.

* Don Thompson’s team has begun the process of background checks as he works to build a GNC team for at Kilby Shores Elementary in Suffolk.

* Batrika, who has a heart to share the Gospel with children in Portsmouth.  Pray for specific ministry, school and sponsorship.  Jenny, missionary from Thailand, is very interested and will speak to her church about gathering more volunteers for Indian Lakes.

*Sondra, who has expressed interested in starting GNC at oceanfront.  Possibility of partnering with Trinity Church in VB.


All clubs are well staffed but we are short worker in some clubs:

Indian Lakes

Willard Model

Northern Shores 


Point O View


* Good attendance for the Good News Club Kick Off in September, and for wisdom in planning.  All the GNC volunteers would be equipped, encouraged and filled with the Holy Spirit to begin the school year.

* Daniels Family (serve at Butts Road Primary) in the sudden loss of his Mom.

* Stephanie is in contact with former pre-school teacher who may be interested in volunteering with CEF.


* James McFarland, local CYIA teen, will be interested in continuing the upcoming year.

* At least 6 teens for 2020 CYIA.


* Funds to come in to support the work.  Hire a part-time secretary in the near future.

* More monthly givers.

* District Team Leaders: Barb Patton and Stephanie Foley.  Former DTL, Dawn Ganthner’s family.  Stephanie is moving with her family.

* More Godly men/women to join local CEF Committee.

* Tracy Williams as she visits churches to establish support and contacts for the ministry.

Future Events

* CEF informational table at seminary event with 40 churches at Colonial Baptist in the fall.

* Meeting on July 24th w/Steve Taylor, Team Leader of Booker T. Washington over concerns with GNC®.

* Meeting with Crossroads Church, Pastor Kevin Tremper on August 7th.

* Presentation at Tab Missions Lunch on August 18th.

* Presentation at Eastminster Presbyterian on September 29th.

* CMI online classes begin August 11th.

* Shelton Park Elem Block Party August 29th, 5-7 pm.

* Kick-Off is September 7th and Quick Start Training is September 28th


* Access to North Korea to reach boys and girls with the gospel.

* Doubling children reached in 3 years from 22 million to 45 million, adding 1,600 workers

Oh, Father God please raise up the volunteers needed through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and on the power of Your Holy Spirit we pray.

John 16:26-27 New International Version (NIV)

26 In that day you will ask in my name. I am not saying that I will ask the Father on your behalf. 27 No, the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.

In Christ Alone,

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