Happy Sunday!!!


Praise God for calling our statewide coordinator Rita Beale

Praise God for calling our statewide prayer coordinator: Kay Wright

Praise God for reminding us all the emphasis on statewide prayer!!!

Praise God that we have a dedicated website for CEF Tidewater

ceftidewater.org.  When you get to the site you will notice in the grey bar toward the top of the page a heading titled prayer just click on this with your curser and you will be taken to the prayer page).  

Praise God for a wonderful Appreciation luncheon blessings and testimonies all praising the work of the Lord here through the volunteers who have accepted the call of God in CEF Tidewater.

Praise God for calling Tracy Williams and God’s call upon her in CEF Tidewater

Praise God for calling all the board members and all of the volunteers for His ministry.   To God be the Glory!!!

Continued Prayer request

Please pray for the objectives for prayer at the state level outlined by Rita Beale our state coordinator:

to be united in prayer for needs across the state

     to under-gird the prayers of the local chapters

     seek more volunteers, staff, committee members, and state board members in accordance with scripture (Luke 10:1-2)

     stay Tuned for what is to come and pray about how God will use you!!! To God be the Glory !!!

Please pray with me with regards to making the prayer site on our website what God wants this to be for His Glory and for His CEF ministry in Tidewater.

Please also pray for the local churches in Tidewater for a God given renewed commitment to Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) as a local mission.

Pray all  volunteers come back refreshed this summer.

Pray all clubs are well staffed.

Pray to the Lord of the Harvest for more workers for the Harvest since we are short workers in some clubs.

Pray to the Lord for a  part time secretary.

Pray God will open all the schools in Tidewater He has called to participate and allow distribution of registration forms to all the children—please Lord increase the number of ASGNCs for Your Glory.

Pray that the Word of God that was given to children to memorize and in song will remain deep in their hearts and will bring forth fruit.

Pray God’s blessings for Tracy Williams in church visitation and in establishing support and building bridges and contacts for the ministry.

Pray to God for the finances needed for all aspects of CEF Tidewater and  for more monthly givers to the CEF Tidewater ministry.

Please pray for the new Principal at Luxford Elementary specifically for God to soften his or her heart and allow an ASGNC this year.

Please continue to pray for Calvin Dunn’s family through their time of bereavement of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Bangs who has gone home to be with the Lord.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

In Christ Alone,

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